Murder on Their Mind

We live in a world which is neither black nor white but is an assimilation of various shades of grey. They live in a world which is red. Blood red! Their world has been colored by the blood of numerous innocent, unsuspecting, helpless victims. This is the macabre world of serial killers.

Welcome to the world obscured by darkness. Do not make the mistake of sympathizing with these devils for they are not human and sympathy is just not what they want.
Their psyche will always continue to baffle the layman, their heinous cold-blooded acts will give many sleepless nights. Most of the notorious serial killers and offenders have been the muse of blockbuster Hollywood (even Bollywood) movies.

Their dark world and seemingly moral-less lives fascinate and at the same time terrify. Their Bloodlust (the power that one experiences by harming others, the sight of blood and the high that they get) cannot be comprehended by any normal person. It is difficult to understand the reason why a man would want to tread down this particular path.
These are not daft men and women. As a matter of fact, they are as clever (or perhaps cleverer) than even a fox. They are often good looking and well turned out people. They are of the variety that will charm you, talk to you in an intelligent matter, lure you into their trap slowly and adroitly and not once will you suspect their precarious motives. They are calculating and smart enough to wreak havoc on hundreds and yet escape detection. They live double lives. They are calm and steady on the surface while there is an inferno – a mad fire raging inside them. They possess the power to hurt and to destroy. They are Satan’s descendants on earth.

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people with a cooling off period between each murder. Their motives are usually based on psychological gratification. One hypothesis suggests that most of the serial killers suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder. Often, the serial killers have sexual motives. They usually have a trademark way of executing their crimes. Usually there is a pattern, some similarity in each instance of a crime, in the type of victim that they choose to butcher, or in the way they execute their ingenious plans.

The worst part is that very often none of the acquaintances of the serial killers could believe that their charming co-worker or neighbor or friend could be such a cold blooded fiend. But give it some thought – anyone could be a serial killer, the guy next door, the office colleague – anyone! What goes on inside a person’s head remains hidden from the rest of the world. The poison spreading inside a man is hard to fathom. What bitterness is being harnessed by someone…who knows?

It is commonly cited that most of the serial killers suffered some form of abuse in their childhood which left scars so deep that they turned them into unethical bloodhounds. Or that they were deprived, weak, belittled children who were not considered up to the mark, and that made them hungry for power. They try to exact revenge the world by their actions.

Most of the serial murders are reported in the US but their have been instances in India as well which gave us goose bumps, for they claimed many lives.
Movies which enshrined their misdeeds are enough to keep us up all night and look at every other fellow being with a dubious eye. Silence of the lambs, Sweeny Todd, Jack the Ripper, Zodiac etc. If they are so very menacing in reel life, just imagine what they would have been in real life.

Remorse is alien to them. In fact, most of them know how to play with human emotions. They are skilled manipulators and love toying with vulnerable people, and they try to get away by claiming that they were victims of the games that people had played with them in this mirthless world.

Their world is shrouded in shadows and therefore they try to steal away the light from the lives of others. Most of them have very fascinating if not utterly disgusting hobbies. Some are victims of necrophilia, some like to make clothes out of the skin of their poor victims; some find solace in eating the flesh of those that they hard-heartedly killed. Their callous actions cannot be justified. Therapy of the greatest magnitude fails miserably in curing them.

They often operate single handedly; their twisted consciences have no qualms in hurting children, youngsters or women. Everyone is a pawn in their game of bloodshed and brutal violence. No one is fortunate enough to command their sympathy. But there have been cases where they was more then one man operating – the most notorious team effort being that of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. This ‘very much in love couple’ used other girls (chiefly virgins) as bait to satisfy their carnal desires. So great was their hunger that their first victim happened to be Carla’s very own 15 year old sister Tammy. They were sly thinkers and after careful plotting and manipulating – Paul was executed while Carla had to be released after serving her term in prison. Today Carla is a free woman. While her whereabouts remain under wraps the fact is that she roams around freely on the streets despite the sheer brutality of her crimes.
Other infamous cases include Ted Bundy, The Zodiac killer, The Birnies, Charles Manson etc.
The fear they spread, the grief that the victims and their families felt served as fuel for them. Nothing but conviction could deter them from their chosen path of bloodshed and violence.

Apurva Joshi