Music and Lyrics

Let’s face it- music is a stress buster that wipes away all our worries in a matter of seconds. We all have a variety of genres to choose from. Have you ever thought why each song we play is sometimes just perfect for our frame of mind in that situation? Are there any songs that remind us of a certain phase of our lives? I am sure there are. And that is the power of music.

Some people believe that all you need is a melody to create a song. However, I think that it is the lyrics of the song that make us prefer it over any other we have heard before. Sure enough, something may be good to hear, but we hear the lyrics too. Karaoke bars provide the lyrics of the songs being played, which is why they are so popular; reading the lyrics of a song and singing along helps a person appreciate a song to its best.

Song lyrics convey a different meaning to everyone; it’s all a matter of perception. Writing lyrics is itself an art. It is not necessary to comprehend the same facts are intended by the lyricist, as he has written the song for himself. So it does not matter what the song is trying to say, what counts more is the message that we get out of it.

Music and words are an expression of one’s creativity and feelings. Good lyrics can change a person’s view on a certain issue in the most harmless manner. And then again, I don’t believe in anything called bad lyrics. I may not like a song’s lyrics because I cannot relate to it. But people have different temperaments and this is all a matter of personal choice. Music is not country-specific but can be expressed by anyone in the world. It transcends all barriers of language and culture. No matter where it is created, it comes from one’s heart, a virtue that is possessed by music artists and lyricists world over.

On the flipside, many a times we end up loving a song without examining its lyrics. Our search for a certain song’s lyrics begins and ends on the internet. Unfortunately, most internet websites do not correctly update the lyrics. In this respect, I often think of the scenario, say 10 years back, when we used to purchase audio-cassettes, before we knew how to download songs onto our I pods and computers. Most of the cassette covers provided us with song lyrics. However, as time flies, new trends emerge. Even I don’t remember the last time I purchased an audio-cassette. And then again, on a positive note, it may not be necessary to download song lyrics from a website, but hearing it over and over again before we actually learn the correct lyrics.

I have heard many meaningful songs so far. But “Dream on” by Aerosmith left a strong imprint on my mind since the day I heard it.

“Every time that I look in the mirror

All these lines on my face getting clearer

The past is gone

It went by like dust to dawn

Isn’t that the way

Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay?

I know what nobody knows

Where it comes and where it goes

I know its everybody sin

You got to lose to know how to win”

But then again, it’s just my perception that makes me find a the deepest meaning in these lyrics.

I am also reminded of a conversation between Alex Fletcher and Sophie Fisher in the movie ‘Music and Lyrics’:

Alex Fletcher: It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just spit it out. They’re just lyrics.

Sophie Fisher: “Just lyrics”?

Alex Fletcher: Lyrics are important. They’re just not as important as melody.

So as people may differ in their views regarding this conversation, in the end, I feel, if music makes you feel good about yourself, something, or anything, there’s nothing left to think beyond that.

Aditi Ghosh


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