Perspective in Black & White

gold.jpgA Hindu couple changes the way in which a Muslim suicide bomber views life by simply being who they are.

The movie Black & White should be commended, as it is truly thought provoking and meaningful. The way in which the story line is woven is not only hard-hitting but also dramatic in more ways than one. The music composed by Sukhwinder Singh suits the plot to the hilt and is placed at truly appropriate junctures in the story. What I realized while I was watching the movie was that terrorists, (especially suicide bombers) are brainwashed so completely that they are ready to kill innocent people and themselves in the name of Jehad. If one traces the links to the activities of terrorists, the masterminds are usually educated people.

Hence, terrorists, both educated and uneducated, are “used” by the masterminds for achieving their own vested interests. The oppression that the youth suffer during riots at the hands of the people from the ‘enemy’ community or religion is used to build further hatred for the perpetrators. The activities are aimed at obliterating people belonging to the same community or religion of the perpetrators even if the people against whom the violence is directed are as innocent as the children of their own brethren are. It just becomes a way to send a message to the actual perpetrators. Terrorists and fundamentalists are again born among the kids from the fresh act of violence and the vicious circle goes on with swelling ranks of perpetrators trying to avenge themselves on the other group of perpetrators using the blood of the innocent.

Moreover, it is intriguing to come to terms with the fact that learned men are behind it all! It conspicuously indicates that there is a serious flaw in the education system we follow all over the world. Tolerance is steadily declining; being brotherly is accompanied by the rise in terrorist activities. Even today, when we claim to be liberal and open minded youth, the reality is catching up faster than the pace at which we can come to terms with it.

The movie provides a lot of substance for debate, discussion and food for thought. Through a single story with three main characters having strong personalities and different ways of viewing life, the scenes come out beautifully when one meets the other. The electric performance by Anil Kapoor (Professor Rajan Mathur) and Shefali Shah (Roma Mathur) as the couple, the internal conflict in Numair (Anurag Sinha) and the opinions by the other characters belonging to every strata of society come out beautifully. When Roma accuses a Muslim youth leader of bribing the minister, the leader brings in the fragile issue of religion in between, and, Roma very wisely asks him to refer to himself by his name, and not his religion. Small incidences such as these can actually open our minds to different ways of looking at things. The climax of the movie is captured in its true essence and the way the events unfold leaves the audience satisfied with the fact that it was one of the best ways to conclude the story. During the entire course of the movie, I was expecting a different ending, but. I simply loved the way in which the plot was handled and. It left so many questions in my mind and left me thinking about the principle on which a terrorist works. The significance of the title of the movie became very clear in the end and I would not like to divulge it for the simple reason that I want everyone to go and watch the movie. It is a must watch for lovers of serious cinema and for people who like to give exercise to their grey cells.

Himadri Agarwal


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