Mussourie: Amidst the Beauty

Are you tired of the scorching sun following you everywhere you go, or need a break from your daily kitchen business or bored of playing with your dolls and cricket kit? Then take a break, come to Mussourie to rejuvenate.


This was exactly what I did in the first week of this may to spend my weekend with my parents. Away from the traffic of the city and forgetting all the mental agonies of day to day routine, Mussourie was a place to get lost amidst the natural beauty. A beautiful overnight drive from Delhi, took me to the hill town. Every time, my car took a turn, I was on a higher hill than before, and as I looked below, the houses look smaller and smaller. This filled my heart with delight, as each turn made me feel that I was reaching Mussourie.


Finally, I reached Mussourie at ten in the night and decided to have dinner and take rest in the hotel and start with our trip next morning. As decided, on the next day we had already booked a car for the excursion. The first place we visited was Kempty Fall. It was one of the biggest attractions of the place and surely the most beautiful, I had ever seen. What made it more exciting and adventurous was the bath at the foot of the fall with my family. It was truly an unforgettable moment for me and my family.


Then we went to Childer’s lodge (Lal Tibba). What made this exciting was that it was one of the highest peaks in Mussourie and we had a snow view from there. Watching the snow capped mountains was something never experienced by me. The only thing which kept rotating in my mind at that moment was if I can carry a handful amount of snow from mountain to my home so that I can show it to my friends.


What added to my excitement and adventure was the Ropeway Ride at Gun hill. Traveling on a box hanging on the rope, what can be more exciting to this! The ride gave me an opportunity to cherish nature and also a sense of adventure which was never experienced before. Further, a horse riding at Camel’s Back Road with family was also a nice experience, which surely cannot be done living in the city. What compliments the whole journey was the superb Sunset view of the Himalayas. The golden rays over the snow capped mountains were worth watching.


I was yet to believe that all this was a reality when the next day already turned up and we got ready for visiting few more places nearby Mussourie. The foremost was Dhanolti which gave a captivating view of Himalayas amidst pine & deodar forest. Then we went to Surkhanda Devi Temple, which was one of the oldest temples situated at a height of 10,000 feet. The specialty of the temple was that bird’s view of Mussourie from there that it was indeed awesome.


In the evening we decided to go for shopping, the most awaited moment of the trip. We bought wooden crafts, pure pashmina shawls etc. These are said to be the specialty of the place and after coming here, one must buy these things. The most attracting task on the mall road was to dress in traditional garhwali dress and have your photograph and this was exactly what we did.


The next morning, was the day to leave Mussourie, which I surely never wanted to. It was an unforgettable experience, and one of the best places to spend the weekend in summers. I just wish that I can visit the place once again. The people here were so friendly and helpful, that made the trip more memorable. Whenever, I sit with my family and discuss my trip the only thing we talk about is the beauty of Mussourie and the warmth of the people. I wish these remain intact forever.


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