My Choice, My Life, My Wife


Most have given a thought about their future. Not just jobs or careers, but at a more personal level with regards to their family life, their choice of a life partner and maybe even post retirement life. Some may have thought about it to imagine a slim model who could make heads turn whenever she walks into the room, a muscle bound hunk who enjoys taking vacations like scuba diving in the Andaman’s or the ever intellectual who would charm any girl.

But what if one wants something else in their life partner? It could be a nearly insignificant little quirk, like which side of the bed one sleeps on or the kind of preferences in food you share with that person. One may want their partner to do something for them, open the door when they get home or wake them up with a kiss every morning. It could be as simple as deciding who cooks food on alternate days or the idea of never sleeping away even in anger.


We, as individuals, have come to prize certain traits and characteristics. Over time and with experience, there are some things which each of us find special or show us we are loved in a way far more personal than any around the world cruise or huge diamond could ever hope to. Simple because, as personal as those preferences get, for someone to do it the way we like it shows the level of emotion they attach with us or the things they are ready to do for us.

But popular spciety would have us believe that this too is wrong. In the spate of feminism which has grippd our society for some time now, it has become taboo to have a preference as to what would you like your life partner to do for you. Tiger Shroff walked into that one for wanting a girl from the village who would be ready to sit at home making food and give him a massage when he gets back home. The trolls on social media had a field day. The popular news services couldn’t have enough of what was just a person expressing his personal choice for the life partner he would want.

To have our own choice and preference can never be up for comment from the public. Tiger Shroff wants a girl who would be a complete housewife for him, he is welcome to it. If he can find a girl who is ready to sit at home and cook and give him massages, then he is welcome to it, if he can find such a girl.

It’s a personal choice. Something which is woefully understated in today’s world, but is nonetheless important. It allows us to dream and strive for more, for ourselves or our loved ones. Just because a guy expresses an interest in a female who would live according to him isn’t wrong, it is a consensual choice which deserves respect.

Ranveer Raj Bhatnagar

Image Sources:

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