My College Wedding

All Indians are aware of all the wedding customs of different cultures which exist in the country. Be it in any part of the country, a wedding marks a day, or rather days, of celebration and gaiety. A traditional Indian wedding is really an event to be witnessed!

As a college going student, I quite recently realized the existence of a type of wedding which takes place each year without fail, where there is an amalgamation of personalities, where strangers bond for a lifetime.

This is a wedding which you, me and a thousand others have attended and will attend, where we marry our college life.

Yes, this idea may seem extremely strange and absurd because it is definitely not a very appeasing thought or perhaps a very good description of college life.. But let me try explaining why I propose one of the most cherished experiences in a student’s life akin to a wedding.

If you have ever been involved in the traditional Indian wedding arrangements, you would know how the preparations begin months or weeks in advance (depending upon the scale of the ceremony). And so does our preparation for our college life. The school student who was considered a child is given a little bit of space and his/her tryst with the college experience begins very much while getting ready for the D day – the day when he/she first steps into college.

When a wedding is arranged, the bride and groom get to choose each other (most of the times) or sometimes even know each other very well as in the case of love marriages.

A would-be college student undergoes a similar procedure. He/ he has a dream college/course in mind. There are three possibilities here. Either the union is just inevitable, or it may happen due to sheer luck or the union may not happen at all and the students have to choose another college or course.

Once it is decided who the life partner is, the other things are taken care of, like the trousseau and the basic arrangements for the D day. So there is the excitement which is in the air and a whole lot of shopping to be done. A perfect first impression is important in both cases – getting a husband or a wife or stepping into the college on the first day.

While the bride and the groom are anxious, they meet, they talk and mentally prepare themselves for a new life. So does a student. Pre-admission visits to campus, the closest hangouts, getting a feel of the transport and commuting arrangements – it encompasses all of it, the same anxiety, the nervousness, a little apprehension, a little satisfaction.

As the D day approaches, there are times when the mind vacillates and friends come in handy. The past reputation, the current expectations, all have to be lived upto.

Finally the D day arrives and the bride and groom formally become man and wife. They enter into a marriage, a commitment presumably for a lifetime. Similarly, the would-be college student steps into a whole new world. A world where life is at its peak and which welcomes you with open arms to enrich you. New friends, new enemies, a few fights, a few late nights, the blast in hostel parties or birthday bash in the college canteens, some heartfelt sighs, some depression and lies – a world where each day becomes special. As the education system formally pronounces your union with your college, the three years (or 4 in the case of some professional courses) tend to be the best years of your life.

However, the college weddings don’t physically last forever; but the memories do and so “My College Wedding” for each student becomes special.

This year, yet again, a few thousand attended their college wedding and continued the tradition. All I wish them is a happy married college life!

Meghna Baveja

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