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[flashvideo width=”320″ height=”240″ filename=”videos/cubicle.flv” /]James Blunt would be turning in his grave, if he ever came across this…the only hitch is, he isn’t dead. Maybe more alive than a lot of us. After all musicians aren’t exactly management consultants,lawyers, editors or even college students…and all those various varieties of people whose life is plagued by things that need to be done, things that have been done but done wrongly……blah blah blah. People Born Free but going to be worked and taxed to death soon enough…Are we even living? or just existing or worse merely surviving in a cut throat world. Trying so hard to make your life your own, but somehow it just manages to pass you by all the time.

Ah Time! When was the last time you just sat and did nothing? Or watched a sunset in a quiet place? Or really listened to a piece of music? In fact I think all the talk of robots taking over the world is hogwash, at the rate at which we are going, we’ll make first rate robots.. Remember even if you do win the rat race…you are still a rat!

They say life is lived not in the long years but in the small moments…

walking barefoot on wet grass….

the first rains…..

smell of fresh coffee…..

remembering a tune…..

the wide blue ocean….

a good movie with lots of popcorn…..

a playful puppy…..

a phonecall from a close friend….

a unexpected letter……

a strong breeze……

sleeping those extra “five” mins…..

curling up with a good book…..

sunshine on a winter morning….

a sunset….or a sunrise….

warm memories……

a walk on the beach….

wet flowers……

…….the smallest things make us happiest

If you haven’t already done all this, close your eyes and imagine you are doing it now. Right now.

Malavika Vyawahare

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