My Imagination, My World…

DHFL presents Balakalakaar 2011 which is an annual initiative taken up by the local office of AIESEC in Mumbai. It is organized with the aim of creating an opportunity for the under privileged children of the city to discover and develop their potential in creative exercises such as Art, Dance, Drama and Craft.

AIESEC Mumbai believes that every person is born with some hidden talent. At Balakalakaar 2011, they hope to bring out that creative artist and the soulful dancer in every underprivileged child and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents through our workshops, events and competitions.

A Craft workshop was conducted for an NGO called “Can Kids…Kids Can”, an NGO for cancer-afflicted children in Wadia Hospital Parel. There were young children of ages 2 and 3 who were afflicted with leukemia. But when the AIESECers and volunteers interacted with these children, they didn’t even realize the difference. The children were so energetic, lively and loving that the fact was completely forgotten that these were children of such young ages who were afflicted by cancer. The volunteers sat with them, interacted with them and made tribal people out of newspapers, glue and black paint. Each of these children was so special and the AIESECers formed an inexplicable connection with them. Along with the children, their guardians and mentors were present too and together everyone present aided the children to make the tribal figures. It was a really amazing experience bringing smiles onto the face of so many children.

An Art workshop was conducted in co-operation with Udaan, an NGO which deals with Child Rights and its implementation at their center. The children at Udaan have Art flowing in their veins. These children were taught how to make Greeting Cards and they were brilliant in their work. There were a few cards being made for Mothers and a few for their siblings, but what moved us completely was that one card which read “To AIESEC Mumbai, Thank You very much, we love you”. And that is something that the AIESECers took from the event as motivation to carry on the rest of Balakalakaar 2011.

AIESEC Mumbai’s Balakalakaar with DHFL’s support and the technical guidance of Samabhavana Society, an NGO which works in the area of Child Protection, will scout talents amongst 1000 underprivileged children across 10 BMC Schools (E Ward) in Mumbai and will select 100 students who will have an opportunity to showcase their skills at the ‘AIESEC Mumbai Balakalakaar 2011 Finale’ scheduled to happen on December 10, 2011 at the Karnataka Sangha Hall in Matunga, Mumbai. Additionally, these 100 winners will earn Vocational Scholarships supported by DHFL that will give them a fully funded admission to a Vocational Course of their choice, at the Jan Shikshan

Be part of the movement and help change lives of hundreds of children! Spread a smile on the face of a young child’s face.   Witness the change in an underprivileged child’s life. Support our cause. Volunteer for ‘DHFL presents Balakalakaar 2011’

AISEC Balkalakaar Team