My land, my nation


Is it for those lush green meadows

Or is it the warmth that it shows

Is it for the rich culture and history

Or the pride and glow, it bestows?

For what, do I take my country’s name with pride?

Why do I call her my own?

An un-worded joy in my stride

Has her very name, in me, sown!

India, my country, my native land

Where my eyes first beheld the sunrays

And my feet-her gentle sands!

From the streets of Harappa-Lothal

This ‘young kid’ did emerge,

Playfully running across the sandy streets


On and on, did she surge!

Religion soon raised its hood

The Vedas and Upanishads were born

Soon with her, the Guptas stood,

The ‘State’, at last, had dawned!

The Medieval times saw the Muslims come,

With their pretty Persian rugs and minarets

Mosques with their pearly white domes,

Temples and churches-all met!

The British soon came to pay the girl a visit

And stayed on to rule her life

They plundered her wealth as they deemed fit,

And left her land at strife!

Gandhi, Nehru, Bose, Azad

And many more fighters did raise a voice,

‘Vande Maataram’, ‘Inquilab Zindabaad’

And many other cries left the British with no choice!

India saw her heart being torn

To form another living breathing woman

But, awake, she did, on one fine morn

With freedom rising along with the sun!

Sixty-one long years of growing up

The lady has credits-oh many- to state!

Iron, computers, literature or crop

In every field, she has proved her great

Scholars, professionals, achievers galore

Have walked this mighty wonderful land

From near and here, wide and far

People flock to step on her sand!

My land, my dear country,

I’m proud of her heritage, her culture, her success

She’s a land of joy, a land of plenty,

Everyday a brighter one, more smiles, more progress!

In her I was born to see the lovely surround,

In her my first dream was sown,

In her, I shall take my pride,

For she’s my country, my own!

Sandhya Ramachandran