My Wife’s Murder

I couldn’t decide and like everyone I did it wrong,
Next time I knew how to do it but still frightened I followed the same song.

I thought I was brave enough but my strength was lost,
Too much humiliation has coasted me a lot.

My self respect and confidence was gone,
It felt as if I was never born.

It happened a few years back when I was accused of my wife’s murder,
When I think about it I feel like piercing my neck with a cutter.

Those were the worst days of our life,
Wife dead, I was jailed and my children were entangled in a bee hive.

It was a murder mystery which took two years to solve,
She was killed in daylight and buried in the back lawn.

I was informed by the police that I had committed the crime,
Clueless and shocked I felt as if I was being cut like a lime.

I was arrested and beaten hard,
The numbness and shock helped me to survive in the ward.

As per CBI she was put to death by a politician because of her social work,
The politician had planned the whole thing and was left to live freely on the earth.

God was with me and I was saved from being hanged,
But those two years had done enough harm and I still feel being banged.

I will start a new life with new ambitions to be loved,
She is still there with me in my soul and heart.

Swinder Kaur

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