Nameless Relationships!!

(The clock is ticking 11:00 a.m., the very usual time for school lunch breaks.)

Aman: Hey Anamika!! Come I’m waiting for you.
Anamika: Just two minutes.

And this was the very common scene at 11:00 a.m. in the class of XI when Aman, a commerce student would go and call Anamika, a science student for a round, both taking a break from their group of friends for a while. They used to go far while walking sometimes to the school tuck shop or at times to the school playground. At some of the instances when discussions and gossips were serious than usually were, they would find for a recluse. It was as if the complete school witnessed their friendship be it teachers, students, trees, the air, benches or the blackboards.

Both never shrugged from their duties towards each other. Both never forget the minutest detail of their conversation and never they forget the smallest thing that would bring a smile to each other’s face. Their friendship was not born out of that teen-age crushes or so called infatuation. It is in fact quite interesting to know that their relationship started as enemies, yeah foes. They could not tand each other but this was five years ago. Soon they grew, and as a matter of luck, became close to each other. They became best buddies. They used to share each and everything that happened in their lives. They were part of School Hindi debate team. So they would find excuses in the name of practice and would spend time together. Near the water cooler it was never a normal scene, one of them would definitely be splashing water on other.

Absolutely, such chemistry was not taken as friendship especially when you are at peak of your teens. They were supposedly the most talked about people in the staff rooms and among students too. Both of them knew it very well. But they were talked about among their friends also, it was something both couldn’t digest. And it was then when their relationship came at stake. They never thought that their friends would think so. But the friends had their own reasons. What can two people chat for so long? Why would two people be too close to each other? Definitely something was cooking between the two was their assumption. Ya, it was assumption indeed because they both told their friends that they used to discuss about their girl friend, boy friend respectively. Aman used to ask for what gifts he can gift her, what problems he faces at times and same was the case with Anamika. The only problem came when one of the friends declared that then you are Best friends and both instantaneously said “NO”.

It raised a spurt of questions on them but questions were unanswered. Both knew that their relationship was much above just being “Best Friends” but it is also right that they were not into a relationship that their friends were considering. Both decided to be friends with everyone and stopped talking to each other. But definitely their life was not normal as before. 11:00 a.m. started becoming painful. They started being absent from school. But they were wise enough to be honest to their futures as well. They never let any of this affect the other part of their life. But they decided to leave their friends with a word of advice. And on their farewell day, that is one year down the lane, they played a skit with the help of then Class XI students. And portrayed each and every incident that had happened. They ended the play with the lines “Not every relation is supposed to have a name and certain relationships are definitely Nameless Relationships. Let them be in their pure form because feelings are not the victims of being baptized.”

Today also the in the history of that school, their friendship, the nameless relationship is remembered and revered.

Karanvir Gupta

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