Naseeruddin Shah And Kalki Koechlin’s ‘Waiting’ Will Move You To Tears


The aftertaste of this bitter-sweet trailer is that of poignant struggle called life. Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah has nailed his role to perfection, as usual, and Kalki Koechlin essays hers effortlessly. The Anu Menon-directed film that hits theatres on May 27 is the story of two strangers bound by a tragedy, who find solace in each other’s company.

The opening scene of the trailer shows Shah visiting his comatose wife in a hospital. He reads to her, talks to her and makes these visits a daily routine. The morose husband goes home and recalls happier times with a healthy wife.

Koechlin’s character rushes into the same hospital, where she is told about her husband’s gruesome accident. The two strangers – tied to the same boat – bond over their tragedies while waiting in the hospital lobby, thereby forging a beautiful friendship. Koechlin draws the strength to deal with her husband’s condition from Shah, who has been reeling under his crisis for a while now.

Shah tells her she needs to live, because if she does not, nothing else will. They go out, eat, enjoy and boost each other up. When told he would go bankrupt, looking after his bedridden and unresponsive wife, Shah says he had never had a discussion with her on when to pull the plug in case she slips into coma.

Shah and Koechlin – now confidants – share their stories and approach life more positively. Koechlin gradually comes to terms with her situation. She is living and laughing more. The duo, while appreciating each other’s company, shows courage in a time of crisis.

Shah tells Koechlin he spent 40 years of his life with his wife, and the couple never thought about having a baby. The latter complains she has several followers on Twitter but not one showed up in support.

Shah looks his compelling best and Koechlin has never looked more beautiful. Through their tears and smiles, the two light up the screen. Their heart-warming stories of pain and courage will compel the viewer to join them in their tumultuous journeys.

The trailer is inspiring and persuasive. It moves you to tears, and teaches you a lot about love, resilience and hardship. We cannot ‘wait’ for the slated date of release.

Prerna Mittra

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