National Or Anti-National, Let Us Start By Being Indians

#DictatedNationalismThe terror of words, has with time gripped the extreme rightist of the country. Forget tolerance, there is no adherence to words that resonates thoughts apart from theirs. Well, we are all wrong to think that nationalism is subjective, when in real it isn’t. It should have the same meaning as it does to the member who are affluent with their rightist ideologies. After all, democracy does fade its color every once in a while, and who better does the deed than those carrying the baton of BJP ideologies to its extremism, and hopefully to its demise too.

Let us all sit with a fresh perspective and think what is going on in Kashmir. We all cried and shared it on our social media handles, the picture of a 5 year old Syrian kid whose existence is plagued with wars and hardships. Did our heart not sink when we say that poor kid all bruised and reeling under the shock of what happened to his home and his family? Wasn’t he too numb to even cry?

We all think whatever happened to him was inhuman. However, when we see the unabashed used of pellet guns and torture that is taking a hike in Kashmir, do we fail to feel the same heartbreak, the very same heartbreak that depicts our sadness, disgust and helplessness? At least on social media.

Why is our humanity reserved for those abroad, while we are blatantly ignorant about what happens in our very own country? Do we not flinch when we see Dalit being abused, or a woman being raped, or the unabashed use of pellet guns, rather should we not?

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad – a youth organisation affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, were rather busy staging demonstrations outside the office of Amnesty International in Bengaluru. The ABVP had filed a complaint against Amnesty, alleging that an event it held in Karnataka’s capital on the ongoing crisis in the Kashmir Valley was “anti-national”.

I have noticed, when it comes to Kashmir, people maintain this stern silence because it isn’t our deal and thinking that our government is taking rightful step to curb the violence. Well, clearly their rightful steps aren’t helping, are they? There is fresh violence every other day, and a lot of families suffer due to this, the trade has taken a downhill turn, there is no sense of security of peace. The paradise has converted into a hell of its own, and we as fellow Indians, what are we doing in our bid?

Well, for starters, we are busy curbing every event that takes place and talks essentially about Kashmir and human rights violation. We would roar out our protests and threaten them to stop it using fire and kerosene. We would brand such people anti-national and charge them with sedition, just because we can. We would harm the government’s property, because we are nationals, and know that nationalism means raising our voices to injustices, even if it means stabbing the back of the party we are riding high on. We will simply create havoc, because we can.

How wrong is it for people to talk about human rights violation, which indeed does take place in Kashmir, whether we like it or not. How wrong is the idea of blaming the Army for the use of pellet guns, which they obviously are using. How wrong is it to expect to be saved from the forces, which are stationed to protect them? Is this our nationalism? Is this what the government wants to inculcate its citizens with?

Are we supposed to be inhuman and insensitive, so as to be branded as a nationalist? Are we supposed to remain silent, while atrocities and being inflicted on our fellow citizens, to be a nationalist? Is it nationalism, to possess hate for people other than your own?

Well, I am glad to not to be one. If this is what nationalism is, I would rather be known as an anti-national, and yes, I will hold onto that tag with nothing but pride and the tint of humanity that is still alive in me.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source

The Viewspaper