Nationalism: What It Means And Takes To Be A ‘True Patriot’

Lawyers Protest

After arresting the JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar on charges of sedition, the police brought him to Patiala House court at the expiration of 24 hour police custody yesterday.

However, a group of lawyers scuffled with the student leader and also argued that those who are Indians should justify such by shouting “Vande mataram” slogans.


Can the love for a country be proclaimed just by shouting mere slogans?

Isn’t the love of a soldier protecting the nation at Siachen glacier without shouting such slogans equally grand?

The soldiers at Siachen work in one of the harshest environments of the world. The temperature goes below minus fifty degrees. Due to harsh conditions they suffer from frost bites. They remain away from their families for months together. A plate of warm food is only a dream for these soldiers.

Whereas, these lawyers see their family in a comfortable environment of their homes, every day. They don’t suffer from frost bites or other such ailments. They have warm home cooked food to eat and enjoy.

Therefore, who gives them the right to dictate terms to others about patriotism or nationalism? If someone has to define what love for the nation means, they should be soldiers like Hanumanthappa Koppad who protect the country by sacrificing their lives in the line of duty.

For me, love for the country is defined by one’s work and not words. It is all around us. Be it a M.C.D worker diligently cleaning the assigned streets or a doctor treating tribals in a remote corner of the country. Each one of us is doing our own part for the nation in one way or the other. Thus, patriotism requires no words or slogans.

The lawyers have flouted the norms of a judicial institution they work for, going to the extent of throwing stones inside of the court complex. Later, they allegedly beat up the journalists reporting the event. Is this how a citizen of a country behaves? Especially those who are defining the standards of nationalism and citizenship for others. Is this where we are headed as a country? Are these the ideals of nationalism?

If the police can intervene in a peaceful ceremony organised by J.N.U students, shouldn’t the authorities bring to book the protesting lawyers displaying their pseudo nationalism? The law of the land should be implemented in the same earnest to each individual or group of the country.

Nishant Kumar

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