Naturally Healthy: Go Green

This is the key to maintain good health. Who says that for keeping fit, you need to go to gym or have to be on a diet? In fact these are just man- made efforts which at the end of the day will result in a unhealthier you. To keep fit in the truest sense of the word, all you need to do is understand the nature around you, and then you will surely realize that health comes naturally. However, unfortunately, the youth of today remains oblivious to this fact and get aggressively involved in gym and dieting culture. They forget the fact that our natural environment and dietary pattern do not support this.

Being healthy does not mean merely attaining pre determined height or weight. In fact health is a state of optimal physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. This can be attained naturally from the food we eat, fresh air and sunshine, breathing activity, exercise, activity and mental poise.

Our body has its own natural rhythm just as the earth has its own rhythms of day and night, tides or the seasons. Natural living is the philosophy of life that shows you how to maintain your health and enjoy life while living in harmony with nature. In other word, it teaches you to live fully. The natural laws are crafted by nature for a healthy life. There are no hospitals, no medicine, and no doctors required for this. Attuning ourselves and regaining our consciousness to this web of nature is what it takes to be healthy but the youth are not aware of this fact.

These days, dieticians often say, “The youth has forgotten that the best way to look good, reduce weight and remain healthy is not by working out in gym but understanding the natural ways of remaining healthy which includes a natural diet and a brisk walk in the natural surroundings.”

The natural laws are intrinsic to life process and are essential for universal order.

While exercise is essential for overall well-being, it alone cannot ensure good health.  It should be accompanied by a proper diet.

Natural Food for Health

“Oh my God! Mango and Banana- they are high on calories. No mom, I cannot eat this. I am on a diet”, says 19- year old Ayesha. The youth today follows a similar approach towards natural food items. They feel that the best way to lose weight is to kill your hunger. In this process, they even avoid fruits. But the fact is that if you eat fruits between 9 am – 12 noon, then even two mangoes or two bananas won’t increase your calories. It is just that we have to understand the schedule of the body. Natural diet is always good for health.

One of the prime fuels for the body is food and it should not be avoided in any case. Food must be palatable in is its natural or living state. This means mostly in raw condition and not processed (canned, tinned, fried, cooked, preserved, baked and roasted) food. Every plant, vegetable, fruit, nut and sprout in its natural state, is composed of atoms and molecules and all the necessary enzymes reside within these molecules. You even get natural sugar that is glucose which is required by the body from fruits. Glucose is a sugar present in nature, in fruits, veggies and sprouts.

The high content of water (80 – 90%) in fruits helps the body to cleanse toxic wastes that builds in the body. Only high water- content foods can do this- not water alone.

Nature does not produce food with just vitamins A or Vitamins D, or any other individual element in it. There’s a balance of vitamins in each and every food product. It’s like an orchestra, composed of many instruments, working in rhythm for harmony. The only way towards health, is to fulfill the conditions for growth.

Milk is Not Natural

Youth these days think that they will avoid their meal and instead have milk which according to them is rich in calcium and good for health. But they fail to realize that milk is far from the ‘perfect food’, instead it lacks essential nutrients. Milk is difficult to digest. Milk contains too much fat, protein and not enough iron. Cataract, respiratory disorder, digestive problems, gastroenteritis, obesity, heart ailments, osteoporosis, and arthritis- to name a few are common results of drinking and taking milk and milk products. Mother’s milk is all you need. Even Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) stated this in their research.

Plants absorb calcium from the soils- and animals consume plants and absorb the calcium! That is how cow gets its calcium. The prime sources of calcium which are utilised by the body are green vegetables, fresh fruits, raw nuts, seeds. Our body extracts calcium from green vegetables, fresh fruits, raw nuts, seeds. So your aim should be to eat wholesome, natural foods.

Natural Treatments for Body Care

The youth these days suffer from various problems. So here are natural ways of curing their multiple problems. Natural hygiene not only includes natural diet for good health but also natural treatment for healthy body.

The way to good health is through your stomach. The medicines and diets usually recommended in case of stomach problems are often of little help and even aggravate the problem. What you can really do is simply make some dietary changes and completely avoid drugs.

Wholesome, natural foods full of enzymes and unadulterated nutrients help the liver maintain the balance. Such foods not only reduce but also maintain the toxic load of the body. Fruits and vegetables are not only alkalizers, they are body builders too.

A pimple or a blemish on your skin depends on the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and excretory system of your body. Thus the health of your skin depends primarily on the health of your body. To have a healthy skin – sunbathe regularly, have fruits for breakfast. Drink herbal teas/ lime juice (without sugar), use orange peel/ lime rind/ aloe vera/ neem instead of soap. Avoid strong, chemical soaps and use only normal water to cleanse.

Nutrient deficient diet can result in hair fall and early greying of hair. Stress and anxiety could also cause this. For hair care- eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, especially seasonal varieties. Dryness of hair is due to, too frequent washing with soaps and shampoos so in that case, instead of shampoos use shikakai or hibiscus leaves. Coconut milk and fruit pulps are the best conditioners and lime is the best cleaner.

Thus by following a natural diet and aforementioned measures of natural hygiene the youth can overcome all their petty problems like frequent stomach ache, headache, skin diseases, hair fall, early greying of hair, wrinkles on face etc. So understanding the relationship between your body and nature is very essential.

Breathe Naturally

Health is what we eat, how we live and how we breathe. Breathing is an art and has to be learnt. There are chances that your chest rises and falls with every breath. So learn abdominal breathing as against the chest breathing which we are doing most of the time.

Thus at all levels of existence, we are a complete product of nature. Food, exercise, sunshine, air and rest, when consciously inculcated, with awareness, into our lifestyle can become a bridge between how we nurture ourselves- and how nature intended us to be. We can consciously walk the line between nature and nurture.

The natural way of being healthy is a concept which cares rather than cures where CARE stands for a sound circulation of energy, assimilation of essential nutrients, proper relaxation of the parts of the body and the process of energy distribution in the body. Thus nature is the only natural answer for a healthy body.

Natural ways of reducing stress

Everybody especially the youth is so stressed today that they often resort to sleeping pills, suicidal attempts etc. They need psychiatrist’s help and medication for the pettiest of problems. Guess what? There is natural treatment for reducing stress also. Some natural ways for reducing stress are-

1. Try natural tranquilizers: Many herbal teas have soothing properties. Camomile, passion flower and lime- blossom tea can help to relieve stress and tension.

2. Try doing some light exercises: Go for walks in the natural environment. Practice meditation and yoga as they seek to establish a balance between mind and body and thus help fighting stress. The Asanas or postures combined with correct breathing also have a calming effect on the mind and body. Suryanamaskar and Hasya yoga are the best way to release tension.

3. Eat natural foods: When you are stressed, eat lots of fruits. Processed food creates tremendous internal stress.

So here’s a fantastic way of maintaining good health. Instead of killing hunger and spending thousands of rupees in the Gyms, the youth, today, should stay ‘Naturally’ Healthy…!!

Avani Jain

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