Nature’s Fury

The cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in China occurring in such quick succession, clearly depict that Mother Nature is not happy with us. Her unhappiness arises from the fact that we are not treating her properly. We are not taking care of her, and are robbing her of her inherent splendor. She cannot file a lawsuit against us for not treating her fairly, nor can she lodge a complaint at the police station for ill-treatment.

She knows we are manhandling her, and she talks to us in her own way; warning us through deadly cyclones, earthquakes and storms that what we are doing is not right, and that she will not take it lying down.

We are raping our beautiful planet of its magnificence and all its natural resources. Creating disaster with the aid of strong winds and gigantic water waves are her way of giving us a hard kick in the groin, jerking us out of our egocentric tendencies and leaving a lasting effect on our minds. She makes sure that we don’t forget her in a hurry, and creates enough impact for us to sit up and take notice of her anguished plight.

Nature gives us so much that we cannot possibly do enough for it in one lifetime. Nature is everywhere around us, it also exists within us. It provides us with air to breathe, gives us food to eat, medicines to cure our ills and pains, and what not!

If there was no natural oil, there would be no cars or planes running. If there was no coal, there would be no electricity to run our air conditioners. We ourselves are made up of natural elements. Nature fulfills our basic needs of food and water, as well as secondary needs, ranging from amusement to leisure.

We are heavily dependent on our planet for our survival, and we know it. Still we take no initiative to preserve it. We don’t respect it and are taking it for granted. And it is punishing us – it is cracking its whip by bringing about death and destruction. Its wrath driven actions are clear indicators that it is screaming for attention, and when the required attention not given, it could lead to havoc being created.. If we don’t mend our foolish and insensitive ways, we are sure to lose our planet, and all the resources that it provides us with.

Shalini Rajvanshi

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