Nature and Human Beings

I asked the tree why the earth is so dry.
He answered that it has sent the water to the ocean so that the fish can survive.

Confused and puzzled I walked away,
But I was shocked to see the dry bay.

I thought why the earth is worried about the ocean which has enough water,
Sun saw me thinking and stepped forward to solve the whole matter.

He said oceans are dirty and need clean water,
That’s why the bay has to sacrifice so that fish can survive and live better.

Still perplexed I decided to ask the big cloud,
But he refused to answer as he was dry and couldn’t speak loud.

Plants rebuked and said I was selfish like other human species,
As per them we deserve to be smashed and should be cut into pieces.

They said that we have destroyed everything,
But what a small child can do to break this ring.

I was curious to know the truth and reality,
No adult was free to tell me the story as they were eating snacks and tea.

Finally I went to the old man to ask my questions,
He was engaged in taking medicines and applying lotions.

I concluded that nature is angry and we don’t have time to resolve the dispute,
One day we selfish people will have to pay a heavy prize for this attitude.

Swinder Kaur

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