Nature: Undisturbed and accessible

On the way to Kullu, in Himachal Pradesh, from Delhi, a road branches off towards Oat and leads to a beautiful valley through which the river Tirthan flows and hence the valley’s name, Tirthan valley. The most attractive feature of the valley is its pristine nature, largely undisturbed by the human race unlike the rest of the hill stations.

The weather keeps playing games with us but different seasons are marked by some particular characteristics. The best time of the year to be there is September-October as the rains have faded away and the snow is yet to make its presence felt. The sound of the water gushing between rocks enhanced by complete silence from everywhere else plus a dip in the ice cold, crystal clear waters of the river seem to soothe all the pains of your life away.

Regarding accommodation, three to four camping sites are available which lie in the buffer zone of the ‘Great Himalayan National Park’ in which the valley lies. The huge and densely forested mountains surrounding the camps are absolutely dark at night since they are hardly inhabited and this fact makes people, apart from those staying in the camps, a rare sight even during the day. The little illumination that the valley gets due to the pure cold moonlight – a sight not to be missed.

A holiday in this valley is perfectly suited for adventure lovers. The stay in tents is added by the availability of adventure sports like river crossing, rock rappelling, river trespassing around the camps itself. The charges for these activities are very nominal just like the costs for board and lodging…

The nearest hill station is Kullu, around 75 km away, a three hour drive from the camp area. It has the option of river rafting in the river Beas, which flows through it and further merges with the Tirthan River.

The few natives from the area are either care takers of the camp or work in the farms all around. The caretakers provide you with home cooked food of your choice, at a time convenient to you – making the stay as comfortable as possible with their love and care.

Local conditions
There’s a market nearby but you need to take your car there though the way is a little tough to drive as the roads are narrow. The rains are heavy in this region and landslides are a common occurrence. Hence it is not advisable to go there during the rainy season. Moreover you can’t enjoy the river as it becomes really dangerous because of the strong currents in the water.

During the winter, snowfall is too much to handle. Non-availability of sunlight as the sun hides behind the mountains, adds to your troubles in such weather. Hence, as mentioned before, September – October are the best months to enjoy a stay there…

The best way to reach the valley is by car, be it your own car or a cab because as said earlier, the roads are narrow and hence tough for heavy vehicles to drive through. And it is better for your car to have a decent ground clearance or else you will keep cribbing whenever the bottom of your car touches the ground. The reason is again the messed up roads around the camp.

On the whole, it’s a perfect place to chill, both for nature and adventure lovers. A guitar and the weather are enough to make you feel like spending a lifetime there!

Sahil Batra

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