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un_logo.gifOn October 24th 1945 the UN was formed to do what its predecessor (the

League of Nations) couldn’t–prevent war and bring about world peace. The UN–two letters that command great respect across the world. Amusingly so. On closer examination of the organization’s structure and history one realizes that it bears an uncanny resemblance to the colonial system of dominance. The UN has been least successful in making the world a peaceful place after the

Second WorldWar, instead the world has become a much more dangerous place with thespread of nuclear technology and constant belligerence of countries. Itremained a mute spectator when the Super Powers of the world wreckedhavoc in the world during the Cold war, Vietnam War and more recentlythe

led invasion of

to name a few. The UN from time to time,publishes eye-opening reports on human rights violation in thewar-ravaged parts of the world, but the need of the hour is action andsomehow, however horrid the findings of the reports maybe, they oftendon’t result in substantive action. Many UN supporters argue that theUN sends peace-keeping forces to troubled regions. The troops thatform the peace-keeping forces are borrowed from member-nations whichwill always put their interests ahead of international interest.Therein lies the folly in the system. The UN instead of abstainingfrom politics often finds itself caught in a whirlpool of politics.For instance, during the Cold War, the two Blocs had major showdownsat the UN. The

threatened to withdraw from the UN and boycotted itwhen

was refused membership into the organization. After theCold War, in a unipolar world, the

reigns supreme in the UN. Whatis seen as a classic example of

dominance and opportunism was theinclusion of

with US’ help into the UNSC ( United Nations Security Council) after a rift between

and the erstwhile

. The major drawback of the UN is that it lackssovereignty hence the charters and conventions that it passes are notbinding on member nations. Moreover, the UN is inherently biased, theUNSC which is arguably the power house of the UN and probably theworld needs to see fundamental and structural changes. Barring the

,no other permanent member of the UNSC enjoys great influence over theworld. Considering that the aim of the UN is to promote world peace,the present structure of the UNSC should be done away with ,as it glorifiesdomination instead a new structure based on principles of equality andjustice should be set up. Another UN organization which is colonial innature is the World Trade Organization. Major economic powersruthlessly dominate the developing economies and use their influence toshape treaties in the favour of major economies. Until fundamentalchanges in the UN see the light of the day, the UN will remain anorganization with “a heart of gold but limbs of clay”.


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