Net Sagas: Trending Web Shows That You Must Watch


From the much-loved ‘Saas-Bahu’ daily soaps to the ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ and the much-hyped  ‘Bigg Boss’ series ,  Indian television  has witnessed a variety of shows that  have managed to make the audience groove to thier tunes. Yes, one must have seen people becoming habitual of a daily soap or a reality show because of the impact that serials have had on the Indian audience. People may forget  their day-to-day work but cannot forget the enigmatic characters like ‘Tulsi Virani’ from Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi , or the crazy man ‘Praful’ from Khichdi. Such characters have left an indelible mark  on the hearts and minds of the audience. .

However, with technology propelling at a lightening fast  pace, almost everything is being replaced or modified by the tech-giants. Similarly , television shows are raking high TRP’s but amidst their  fame, viral shows are a hit among the ever increasing Youtube generation . . In the age  of netizens , some online web shows have become a rage especially among the youngsters. So, here are some web shows that are a  must watch so as to figure out  the reason behind their overwhelming  popularity.

Permanent Roommates


What if you have been into a long distance relationship and one morning your guy decides to show up at your door step and and propose marriage, completely out of the blue?   The show permanent roommates is about a  couple meeting after years of having a long distance relationship and suddenly  have to face their  marriage prospects. The protagonists, Mikesh and Tanya, are poles apart and just never on the same page. This show is a five-episode web series exploring the pros and cons of a relationship led by two completely  different individuals   along with some insanely -funny characters. Filled with agreements and disagreements, sweet-romantic instances and some amazing lessons, this show will definitely leave you awestruck!

Man’s World

mans world

Suppose a man proud of his manhood and a complete anti-feminist wakes up as a woman. And the icing on the cake is that the whole world has changed. Men and women have switched  places, which necessarily means ,  men behave like women and women behave like men. This show has  a completely different concept and provides you an insight into the other gender’s perspective  towards the world. With some celebrity appearances by Pareeniti Chopra, Kalki Cochlin , and an intriguing theme; this show took  social media by a storm.  From the very beginning to the end, it holds the viewer’s  interest and instigates one to watch the next episodes



This is a story of four friends who are not happy with their  lives nor satisfied  with their jobs. They think of launching a  start-up of their own  and enter the entrepreneurship world. However, they come face-to-face with the obstacles in setting up their  own business.  This sets the ball rolling for a chain of events  in which the friends realize   what they exactly want from life. TVF pitchers is an amalgamation of office politics and personal thoughts. The journey from where you are and where you want to reach is shown as a roller coaster ride with lots of hassles and thrilling encounters.

Bang Baaja Baarat


This is the most recent web series on YouTube. Bang Baaja Baarat is a truly contemporary rom-com that doesn’t shy away from presenting the fishy aspects of an urban relationship. This story is about a couple coming from absolutely different backgrounds and making their parents agree to their marriage. From a lavish  bacholerrate, or the bride’s ex being  present in the marriage, or the hustle and bustle created by the two families, this show is as entertaining as it gets , with interesting and dramatic twists and turns that depict the true meaning of relationships .

Akanksha Sharma

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