Net Sessions, Not Verbal Spats: Advice For PCB


Pakistan Cricket Board happens to be in news every day. Another feather in their hat is that Pakistan has threatened to withdraw from the upcoming ICC World T20, which is to be held in India. The reason given behind can be termed in the funniest category. They have raised “Security Concerns” over their team.

The board demands assurance from B.C.C.I that they will be providing Z level security to their players. Is it for real? Is it the real Pakistan talking or as usual demanding?

Doesn’t it look like Pakistan is forgetting some issues? Have they forgotten what happened to the Sri Lankan team in Pakistan? The security and the army were roped in and the choppers were made to land inside the stadium to evacuate the visiting team.


The team was evacuated with minor injuries and to the knowledge of the unknown, Pakistan was banned to host any International matches in any format. After this famous incident, many cricket playing nations refused or cancelled their tours to this so called “Very Protective Nation”.

It was just at the mercy of International Cricket Council (ICC), that Pakistan was still allowed to play at International level, but at a different home ground. Pakistan hosted many tournaments in United Arab Emirates, as it was allocated the new nest for Pak Cricket. This can be discussed as a disgrace because UAE have now chosen Delhi NCR (Noida) as their new home ground.

I am not referring to Pakistan’s fault in any of the circumstances but, they can actually relive the moments of the past before pouring bucket of allegations on the country who has always been in their support (and against such anti-human activities). The past record of India suggests that there has been no such major incident in which a match got hampered. Even the players from all cricketing nations comment and praise the hospitality and security they get in our country.


Let’s get real and think of the fact that no country would obviously hamper their image on the world stage. Every country gives their 100 per cent when they are hosting such a big event. We can also take an example of Cricket World Cup in 2011. There were no complaints or regrets of participation from any participating team.

Instead of playing politics of words (what they are famous for), the board and th team should focus more on the team composition and the practice session as they need it the most.

It’s hard, but it’s true.

Vishesh Sharma


Image Sources:

The Viewspaper