Netflix In India: Why Do We Need It Now And Forever?


Because we fall in eternal love with fictional characters! Our escape and yearning for recreation comes from those hard-hitting, spectacularly made TV series along with substance movies and entertainment shows. Most of these programs which attract the youth of today aren’t Indian made. The only way to access these (legally!) is through Netflix, an online streaming service. Sadly, Netflix isn’t available in India.

We’ve sorted out various reasons for the need of Netflix in India. If you didn’t yearn for it earlier, you are about to!

We can’t wait for days and months to catch up to the latest episodes of our favourite shows. While we wait for the episodes to air or for them to be available on the web, half the world has already seen them and the spoilers are out. And we all have mutual feelings about spoilers and spoiler-spreaders, don’t we?!

We want to watch series; movies as and when we like. Our lives are all scrunched up in work, college and sustaining ourselves. We can’t schedule our time table according to TV show timings, thus we should have the option of streaming shows whenever we have got time, peace of mind and a desire to entertain ourselves. Also, binge-watching is a fantastic therapy in it’s own magical way!

We realise that internet penetration and availability of these services aren’t accessible to all, thus, the scepticism of Netflix authorities regarding India. Netflix and it’s services in India becomes a technical and licensing difficulty. LET US ALL HAVE INTERNET JUSTICE!


We’re mindful and law abiding citizens, well most of us are. While some people choose to take up an illegal approach and download pirated copies, most of us decide to be sensible and avoid the consequences of illegal actions. Our only resort is to wait in agony.

Not every one of us has a taste for saas-bahu-bigg-boss-chahte-hain dramas, we also need our fair share of videshi drama. Some American Horror Story, The Walking Dead or The Game Of Thrones and our lives are peaceful again.

While Netflix in India is a far cry as logistical difficulties are hard to sort out, services like Ogle which are home-grown are in the process of being launched. However, English-language series still won’t be available to us.

Hopefully, such streaming services can quench our thirst for quality entertainment. All we can do is wish and pray that Netflix can come to India. After all, miracles happen everyday!

Aamina Rahim

Image sources:

The Viewspaper