New Band On The Block: Imagine Dragons

Who are they?

If you’ve heard the uplifting mandolin introduction to a song called It’s Time and found yourself wondering about the band, look no further. The song is the first single released from the 2012 album, Night Visions of a Las Vegas alternative/indie rock band.

It’s Time became popular for a variety of reasons: the aforementioned mandolin introduction, the resounding claps and the fact that the song was used in the trailer for the movie Perks of being a Wallflower, and got covered on Glee; you have probably heard the song without even realizing it. Additionally, another song from the same album, On Top of The World was used as the theme song of a new albeit now cancelled sitcom, Partners.

The band’s latest album has received mixed reviews, with songs being called predictable, and a repeat of the songs of their first album Continued Silence. At first impression, Night Visions is a very listenable and likeable album. Certain songs stick to your head, but the stand-out songs are few. The epic drum beats and hand claps often reused in the album is a let-down applying the principle “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

The songs that do deserve specific mention however (besides the ones mentioned already) are Radioactive, Demons and Nothing Left to Say/Rocks. Bringing a new edge to the dynamics employed from their debut album, Demons and Radioactive is as radio-friendly as they get, whereas Nothing Left to Say/Rocks is a nine minute long epic melody.

Imagine Dragons is the highest charted rock band in recent years (the last being My Chemical Romance in 2006). What makes the four year old band stand out is the imaginative and creative touches they put in to their songs (produced by the Grammy winning Alex Da Kidd) and their versatility.

With all the grandiose however, if the band sticks to the formula they could very well fade into being one of the “could have been great” indie bands.

Neetha Kurup

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