New Bowlers With Unorthodox Actions: A Misery For Indian Batting?

Unorthodox Bowling

Indian batting has been renowned all over the world for the experience and ability to stabilize the Indian targets. The likes of Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid and Kohli have been on top of even the best bowling combinations in the cricketing world.

I remember Wasim Akram saying that he thought he was lethal enough along with Waqar Younis to get rid of the best batsmen in the world, until he played against the young and explosive Indian openers.

The new Indian brigade plays fearlessly against the top bowlers in the World, but when it comes to facing debutant bowlers of the opposition, the Indian batting has collapsed the maximum number of times.

Sohail Tanvir of Pakistan, who was later banned by I.C.C for an illegal bowling action made batting miserable for India. He was picked up in the Pakistan squad for the India series and he ended up giving nightmares to the Indian batsmen. As a result, India lost the series and faced a lot of criticism.

It’s not just one team but many bowlers from different teams with awkward actions who have made their debut against India. Specially after realising that the Indian batting gets more conscious towards them. This strategy actually resulted in a back fire for India after inclusion of Irfan Pathan, India’s swing machine, against Pakistan on their home turf.

Sunil Narine of West Indies again did the same and made an impact internationally and in I.P.L, with a unique bowling action. He again came under the scanner of the governing council and was asked to make some amendments in his bowling actions.

Sunil Narine1

Australian legend Shane Warne argued that bowlers shall be given the liberty to use their actions, hence it will make the game more interesting. He also insisted that the I.C.C has given batsmen more freedom, than the bowlers.

I personally feel that these laws for bowlers have been kept for a better standard on the field, because such jerk actions are and can only be legal in street cricket. There should be a difference in the standards of Cricket being played in the streets, to that of an International level tournament.

What is more worrying though is that we still haven’t been able to understand the difference between the rookie games played in the streets and the multi-million dollar sport that Cricket has now come to be known, internationally. Simply said, ‘Bhatta bowling’ should be restricted to the concrete roads of India and not included to the elite 22-yards.

Vishesh Sharma

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