Newspaper and Morning Chai

If given a choice between morning tea (chai) and reading the newspaper or morning tea (chai) and reading the newspaper later in the day, I would definitely opt for the latter. Not that I am bound to but I choose to. So, many years ago (not that many! I am not ancient!) like most of the youngsters I used to go to my father and ask for the newspaper. He like the typical dad, his head buried in the main paper would not even look up and hand me over the supplementary paper. Spending time on reading about major bollywood hook-ups, breaks-ups, fashion blunders or simply looking at the plastic smiles of the actors in the form of pictures was my way of reading the newspaper. Politics and what was happening in the nation and across the world never interested me. Maybe I was too lazy. With time and age I guess one gets into a habit of shifting focus from supplementary to the main paper. One fine day, reading about the on-goings of the country all of a sudden catches my interest! Call it sheer interest of the state or trying to fit in the society. Well that was some time ago.

However, recently it disappoints me to see the type of news the press prints. Not trying to pick on any specific paper, but some of the articles that make up the front page these days makes me want to keep the paper on the table and read it at a much later part of the day. So here are a few I came across. This was on the front page of the newspaper,   The ABC Times, no! There isn’t any paper named ABC but it’s polite to change names.  Man killed over Chicken Tikkas! Apparently, a 24 year old man, Himanshu Batra was shot by a man whose identity hasn’t been revealed. Why you may ask? Because it so happens that the man who was shot opened the doors of his cars without realizing that he had hit the unidentified shooter’s hands that resulted in the plate of chicken tikkas to fall on the ground. That’s a piece of information! So alright one may need to fill in an empty column space, but really on the front page?

And then there was one more. No! not on the main page this time. Sigh. Man killed over having a laugh. The not mentally stable man was killed by a couple in West Delhi because he laughed at them. How do I react to this? Well being a dilliwaala one tends to get used to such happenings in day to day life. Correct me if I am wrong but Delhi is the crime capital and there is no doubt in that. But the number of articles in the newspapers that are increasing day by day make me wonder whether we are actually getting the most out of the papers these days or not. Talking to many in my family and friends many admit not reading the newspapers because they don’t feel like doing so and only because there isn’t any news they look forward too. It happens. When something around you doesn’t seem right you start to move away from it. It’s all in human nature. I don’t intend to say reading newspapers is time waste, we still have a long way to go before that happens and I sure hope NOT.   And no! I would never give up reading the newspaper, it still tells me a lot that I need to know of but a tad bit more of information ahem. Real news is what is needed. Oh well, sooner the better.  Is anyone listening?

Upasana Bhattacharjee

Presently a graduate student. A writer not by profession but choice. Feels writing is the best form of venting out. Her book collection and her dogs are the two things she is possessive about. Plans to return back to her country, India because she feels there’s no place like home. She blogs at,

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