Nintendo Wii – An Innovation

Science and technology is making progress day by day at lightning speed. It does limit itself to any particular industry. Video games, as we know it, are also getting innovative and they are no longer a child’s play. The video game industry is estimated to be bigger than Hollywood. This industry has come a long way from just being the regular childish stuff.

A video game can be defined as the interaction of a user with the interface that provides visual feedback. Right from the first video game, “Pong”, video games have redefined itself again and again. Since the past couple of decades, video games are being seen as more than just an entertainment. The American Army has used video game to train their soldiers; the Second Life has an economy of its own and making second life a business. These examples are testimony to what video games have become.

A video game can be played either on the computer, or on the console. Computers are the most popular way of gaming, simply because everybody has one. But serious gamers prefer the console or high end computer machines, as they have strong graphic capabilities. Like computers, consoles also have developed tremendously. Simply speaking, a console is an interactive device which produces display signals which is used for viewing video games. There are only a handful of console making companies, namely Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft has a console named X-Box, which is quite popular these days. Sony boasts of one of the successful consoles called Playstation. And last but not the least, Nintendo, which is the oldest console maker among all have consoles named Nintendo DS, Wii.

Each of these companies have their share of ups and downs. For instance; Microsoft X Box did not do well in its inception; Nintendo has been losing its market share for sometime. But all three of them withstood the test of time. The year was 2006 and the console war was on. Each of these companies wanted to rein the console world. First, Microsoft launched its X-Box 360, which did very well as compared to its predecessor. Sony unveiled its powerful machine, Playstation 3, and pleased everyone in the gaming fraternity. Now, it was Nintendo’s turn to show what it has in store for the gamers. At that time everyone has predicted the Playstation as the winner, Nintendo launched its console; the world clapped at Nintendo’s innovation called Wii.

The Nintendo Company is famous not only for its consoles, but also for video game series of Mario. Nintendo has produced many versions of its console and Wii is the seventh generation video game console. Initially, the console was code named “Revolution” and then was named Wii. You might wonder what Wii means? Nintendo has the answer – “Wii sounds like “we,” which emphasizes this console is for everyone. Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak.”

So what makes Nintendo Wii different from other consoles that made it an innovation? Wii, unlike other consoles, has a wireless controller called Wii Remote, which is used as a hand-held pointing device and detects movements in real time. So while playing games like tennis, you have move your hand in the same way as you would when you play real tennis. This makes video gaming even more fun. And with this innovation, there can be myriad ways in which we can integrate consoles in our daily work. For example, there is software in Wii that can let you access internet and watch TV. With the Wii remote, the possibilities are endless, because for the first time in the history of video games, we can play the game just by sitting on the couch.

There is game called Wii Music that stimulates playing music instrument using Wii Remote. Imagine, we are able to learn to playinstruments with the help of video games. The point is that, the innovative use of such a machine can make us more skillful and productive. Another video game named Nintendo Sports consists of mainline sports such as tennis, boxing etc. This game is a good way to work out and have fun at the same time.

Team Nintendo has attributed its success to famous the management idea known as Blue Ocean Strategy. The worldwide success of Wii has surprised many developers and industry pundits. Even some developers apologized for their quality. The Sims creator, Will Wright said about Wii that –“Wii feels like a major jump – not that the graphics are more powerful, but that it hits a completely different demographic.”

Every great innovation has to face lot of criticism and Wii was no exception in this case. As Wii is more physically demanding than its counterparts, some gamers have suffered a tennis elbow. A study published in the British Medical Journal states that “Wii players use more energy than playing sedentary computer games. It is however indicated that while this energy increase may be beneficial to weight management, it is not an adequate replacement for regular exercise.”

So the next when someone says that playing video games makes you lazy and fat, tell them about Nintendo Wii that has changed the way video games used to be. In conclusion, Nintendo has broken the glass ceiling and come out with such a revolutionary innovation, that will define the future of gaming, and who knows, it could be used far beyond that.

Prateek Jain

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