NO alibi please!! Only save the environment

NO alibi please! Only save the environment

In the ancient time India was touted as golden bird, where denizens lived amicably with the ambiance. To return to that great time, we need to respect and co-exist with nature.

Our environment is facing a serious level of pollution. So what can we, as individuals do about it? Can we play a role in saving our damaged environment? Yes, we can.

Let us list sundry of measure which we can emulate to reduce pollution. Go on plantation rampage, plant more and more trees and plants in order to sustain the ecosystem as plants release oxygen into the atmosphere that is used by human beings and animals. Furthermore, plants absorb harmful gases that is released into in atmosphere.

One way to save the environment is to use less fuel. We must purchase fuel-efficient car, try to turn off the engine at the crossing, we can even purchase fuel-efficient hybrid car. We must see that the MPG number should be between 35-40.

We must recycle most of our rubbish. Steps needed to follow are separate the rubbish at home. Pack the things which can be recycled  like plastics bottles, the electronics ,electrical product, e.g.  mobile,  old cartridges and batteries as they are not bio degradable, and they are very harmful for the environment, old newspaper, old watches, tin cans and board , and cardboard boxes separately. Then, take them to a place where they are recycled. We can do this at least once a month.

We should refrain from use of Aerosol cans,  for example, try to use rub on deodorant in place of axe spray. You could use Windex as your window cleaner, because it has a tube through the case.  An aerosol can is a case that doesn’t have a straw – like tube through the case. Use polycarbonate containers, instead of using plastic bottles, this will save money.

On the technological front we can use for example the  This would help the environment because a black page takes less energy to load rather than a page that is a different color.

We can make a difference by turning off the lights fans, and other appliances when not in use.  We can also purchase fluorescent bulbs, as they save approx. 3 times as much energy than regular bulbs . Practice this both at home and in the work place/Office/school too. When we save electricity, we save the fuel burned to produce the power at power stations. This cuts down on harmful gases like carbon dioxide, methane that are released into the atmosphere.

Even kids can help to protect the environment by using water thrifty, turning off the computers when no longer needed. They can even inspire the church, school, fellow friends about ill effect of the global warming, pursue school to organize seminar on environment, hold lecture by some experts, infuse awareness among fellow being.

We must judiciously use electronics product as they are the complex mixture of the hazardous chemical. These dangerous chemical causes perilous pollution and degrade the ambience. Some example of perilous chemical are Berylium, cadmium, chromium hexavalent, Lead, mercury et al.

Last but not least, multitudes of household products are contaminated and they release various chemical in the environment. There are sundry hazardous product viz. paints, automobile product, solvent, household cleaners, pool chemicals, garden care. Many of these sundry product release toxic substance in the environment. Due to this companies are now focusing on green product, which are mostly bio-degradable and environmental friendly.