No More Of Terror


It was around midnight, when the Army’s Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters with 25 commandos from 4-para and 9-para crossed the LoC (Line of Control) into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Their motive wasn’t to infiltrate Pakistan and kill many of their soldiers like it happened in our country; the motive was to no-more buckle under the deniability of Pakistan for not being a terror country, the motive was to finally protect its citizens from many more terror attacks to come, the motive wasn’t to tarnish the reputation of Pakistan, the motive was to finally stand up to a bully.

The surgical strikes were initiated to destroy the ‘launch pads’ that were positioned along the line of control, so as to diffuse the terror-stricken plans of these terrorists who planned to endanger the lives of many in our country. After years of terror strikes being supported by Pakistan or protected by them, the Indian Army has hit back effectively with this surgical strike.

Ghatak platoon of 6 Bihar and 10 Dogra units were made part of the surgical operations as they were familiar with the terrain. It also gave them a sense of responsibility in avenging the deaths of their fellow jawans. Both units suffered losses in the Uri terror attack on September, 18. The helicopters dropped the commandos at earmarked spots and returned.

The Army commandos crawled through mud, rocks and even landmines for about 3 kilometres with the threat of being caught in the Pakistan army’s crosshairs. Their destinations included seven launch pads where large number of terrorists had gathered. The terror launch pads were located in Bhimbar, Kel, Tattapani and Leepa areas. The launch pads were under close surveillance of the Indian intelligence agencies.

After reaching the target spot, the commandos used the element of surprise to mount rapid and deadly attacks on the enemy. With the terrorists taken by surprise, the crack troops added to the chaos by firing a flurry of smoke grenades into the terror camps.

With Indian Government always trying to pacify the situation my diplomatic talks, such an attack on the Army in Uri, which led to the demise of 19 soldiers, was way below the belt, and, frankly our entire nation has had it by now. The authorities have finally dumped the strategic restraint and have finally delivered on the promise made by Narendra Modi, which stated that the deed shall not go unpunished. And that it did not.

Finally Modi’s diplomatic outreach has paid off well, he has managed to put India on such a social pedestal that today, no country is likely to raise its voice against India’s actions. His diplomacy has seamlessly merged with his strategic choices.

The only setback that lies now as per this surgical strike is amongst the mindset of the people. One must know that the surgical strikes were solely carried out to wipe out further terror strikes, and was against terrorists and the government authorities that has vehemently bred the terrorists and denied the presence. It is in no way an attack on Pakistan as a country, it is an act against those in power who have constantly tried to shoot and kill the peace in our country by carrying out their heinous misdeeds.

Pakistan must be the only country in the world to practice implausible deniability as the basic tenet of its diplomacy. It never owns up when it hits other nations through its army regulars or jihadists. In spite of mounting evidence, Pakistan never accepted Ajmal Kasab as a product of its jihadi factories. Its leadership has always denied that Osama Bin Laden was the country’s guest. And, Islamabad has always denied evidence of Dawood Ibrahim’s presence in Karachi.

The strike was commendable and in my view, an apt response to the crimes committed by Pakistan every now and then. Now, India must brace for another round of terrorism in its urban centres, and possibly in Jammu & Kashmir too. Pakistan is sure to stir the discontent in Kashmir Valley, in order to open a front behind the army.

Deniability has been the hallmark of Pakistan since a really long time, and it comes to life again after the much-needed retaliation India indulged into. With Pakistan denying the occurrence of the strike forsaken by us as an ‘illusion’, are they on right grounds to further their terror schemes? Will they retaliate or will they use the same-old tactics of infusing militancy in Kashmir?

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper