No Respect For Life, When It Comes And Even When It Goes


Quite recently, a video went viral of a man carrying his dead wife in a village in Odisha. In a heartbreaking story, the man had to carry his wife’s body for several kilometers after a district hospital failed to arrange a vehicle, even though there was a new ambulance parked in the premises. He continued the journey of walking, with his daughter at his side, sobbing uncontrollably.

As per The Telegraph, the ambulance in question wasn’t used to ferry the dead body, because it hasn’t been inaugurated by local lawmakers yet.

People all over the country, collectively sighed and felt for the man, who had to endure such unjust behavior at the hands of the people who are entrusted with his well-being. In such tough times, people look up to others for support, care and much-needed love, but the man and his daughter were rendered helpless.

Not even a day had passed, and another mortifying video had made its appearance, where a member of a hospital staff in Balasore in Odisha is seen breaking the bones of a dead body to tie it in a bundle. Two workers were seen wrapping body in a cloth and plastic sheet, and slinging it to a bamboo stick before carrying it. The body belonged to an old woman who was run over by a train. There was stiffness in the body, which was due to it being kept in the police station, the body was broken at hip, so that the commutation could be easy for the bearers.

Why did such inhumane act had to be pursued, just in order to send the body to the nearby station? We don’t respect life in general, are we this corroded to respect even the dead? Why couldn’t the media, who I am sure must be present with their vans, didn’t aid the poor man? When did carrying the profession stood in way of pursuing humanity?

This is the ugliest face of humanity the world is witnessing now. We have grown so immune to hardships, sorrows and troubles that we have really lost the essence of being empathetic. Civic apathy is on the rise, and there’s nothing that can be more troubling than this.

Is this how we have evolved; evolved to become corroded or insensitive, evolved to become this unemotional body of no emotions? What is the difference between us and the robots that are being created vigorously? Such is the sorry state of us now that I am beginning to think that they might still be better humans than us.

No wonder, in Old Age people used religion to incite fear amongst people to do good, to be kind and to reinstate humanity. Now, either people have forgotten the concepts of dharma, or they are using religion to carry out their sadistic needs. Amidst all this, humankind falls and a quick look at our surroundings will tell us how.

Ignorance is indeed a bliss. And we all know how neglect and indifference often do much damage than outright dislike. Years later, post my imagined apocalypse, everything will end, the money, the beautiful houses, the luxurious cars, the power we so furiously and dedicatedly run towards. We will have no one but fellow humans as our companions for the worst that will come.

Let us not be ashamed of us then, when we would need the people we have ridiculed with constancy. Let us be dignified of being human and not ashamed of it. After all, materialism will come and go, it will alter itself and further evolve, but something that will always stay with us is aesthetic sense of what we are as humans.

Let’s take care of ourselves before being martyrs for this planet. Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries and without them, humanity cannot survive.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper