No More-Says Sania

Sania MirzaSania Mirza, whether playing or not , is getting all the due attention. Her recent decision to not play in India, in order to avoid controversies that have been doing the rounds, is stated as the grounds for the same. The 21 year old Sania, who ranks 29th in the world, and is one of Asia’s top women players, opted out of next month’s Bangalore Open. She has found it increasingly difficult to deal with all the controversies surrounding her.

According to Press Trust of India, her Coach Enrico Piperno is hoping that Sania reconsiders her decision. However, he adds, that it is her personal business and he respects her decision. Former Indian player Vijay Amritraj expressed his distress and shock saying, “I am dumbstruck. She is the best not just in India but in the whole Asia. In my time, to play in India was such a big thing”.

Correspondingly, many fraternity members and former players insist that she should reconsider the decision. Former Davis Cup captain Akhtar Ali, too, expressed his sympathy. Ali and Sania both have contributed much to the nation, hoping not always to be the victim of storm in the end. Sania has been managing trivial controversies all through her career, whether it was concerning her attire at tennis matches by the Islamic Fundamentalists or relating to the recent flag controversy during the Hopman Cup in December last year .

Mahesh Bhupati, first rate tennis player and company owner of Globosport, who also supervises Sania’s career, states that it is not a permanent decision and that she is only opting out for this year. Although, he mentions that it is very unfortunate, but adds that they want her to be in a proper frame of mind when playing in the tournaments. Sania explains that she has taken this step because a lot has been happening in the past few months.

These controversies can perturb any normal human being, and to avoid more of them, Sania may have come to such a radical conclusion . However, Sania Mirza’s decision to not play in India has created many more new controversies. All we can do now is to just hope for the best for her, and the nation.

Kaveri Trehan

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