No Time in the World

FlyoverThose of us living in Gurgaon must have experienced the inconvenience due to the fly over remaining closed. This flyover is all ready, but is still not open. And can you guess why? Because apparently there is no celebrity free to inaugurate it!

At around 6:00 on a Monday morning citizens living near the Rao Tula Marg flyover pushed the barricades aside! It was an unprecedented move. A crowd of over a hundred people gathered at the foot of the flyover near Vasant Vihar, chanted shlokas, broke a coconut and cut a ribbon – and then they dedicated the flyover to the people. I guess they had had enough of our politicians, who don’t have time for the people who voted for them!

Kiran Bedi had got the Zuari Bridge in Goa opened in the same manner some time ago. But I guess our learned politicians never learn!

It had been more than a fortnight that the RTR Palam Vihar fly over had been completed and no one, not even the National Highways Authority of India was offering any reasons to justify this delay. Sources said there could be two reasons for the delay – authorities could be waiting for a VIP to find time to cut the ribbon. Alternatively, they could be waiting for the toll plazas to be ready. D. S. Constructions however denied that the delay was linked to toll collection.

People have been waiting for this huge flyover for a long time now. It, when added with the other fly overs on NH8 will make Delhi Gurgaon only a mere 25 minutes ride. The flyover, the longest in the stretch, is the last link on the expressway that will ensure a smooth ride for commuters, with or without toll. Due to this fly over being closed there were a lot of traffic jams near Dhuala Kuan. It usually takes at least 15 minutes to clear it. Is this the kind of highway the Government of India can provide for its people? Is this the comfort it can give them?

The politicians seem to have all the time in the world to take holidays and fight in the Parliament. They have time to go as chief guests to fashion shows and award functions. But not one out of all of them has the time to come and truly help the people where they need it the most! It is really a shameful scenario!

Anjuri Nayar