Nobody is Innocent: Nature of Conflict

I have often argued with people that the end of any fight is just the beginning of another one. For if your opponent is alive after that, he is just not going to accept and live with his hurt ego and if he is dead then you have incurred the hatred of the one close to your victim who will try to take upon you at one time or the other.

Hence you are doomed to live in constant fear for the safety of your life and those whom you fought for. More often than not, it is the innocent who becomes the victim than the actual perpetrators. While the side that incurred the
losses would claim that their innocent have become the victims of the evil deeds of their nemesis, they seldom conveniently forget or shade out in the flashes of the media’s cameras that they would have done the same.

When you fight for an idea or people not only are you involved in the fight but also those who are governed by those ideas. If you are fighting for democracy those who want to live in one are drawn into the vortex despite your sincerest efforts. The iInnocent people who have died in any conflict over the history are also soldiers, only that they didn’t
know about it.

Do not be misled by the notion that anybody is innocent in the nature of war. Every civilian except children, aged and physically handicapped are culprits in the rise of any conflict. The nature of conflict like any other human action germinates from a thought. After the thought is shared by a sufficient percentage of the populace, actions are taken
towards the realization of those thoughts. These actions when in conflicting interest with that of another group, animosity starts brewing up.

Now as the growth of such a conflict progresses there are those who understand the nature of that is happening and choose to stay quiet because they are not affiliated to either party whose interests are at locked horns or even if they are they do not share the ideology of entering into a conflict. And since the matter is in a stage where any damage to property or life is even distantly imminent, they stay comfortable within their own cozycosy burrows.

And those who do not understand the nature of what is happening and those who are not even aware of such a happening are safely inside the circle of our ignorant-innocents. As this progresses, somebody who is head strong and ambitious will try to take an initiative to display their dynamism and dedication.

Again, more often than not this will be in the form of an offense to either the mind or body of the opponents. Such an act is the first domino to fall, and from then the tit-for-tat strategy will escalate a difference in opinions to full scale violence. The beauty of any violence is that the longer it continues, wider the range of its victims. For the basic human psychology cannot live without change. The violence that started with the oppression of people asserted to follow a single or a set of principles will soon wary from the shortage of victims.

And the mind which is highly allergic to control will not accept the foreseen return to order or calmness that arises after there no one to victimize anymore. The mind is a chaotic agent. Once the order is broken, it will not want to succumb to that position again unless there is an extremely powerful stimulus against it. But for those with the power there is no possibility of an opposing stimulus for a long time and hence in that time their uncontrollable and chaotic part of the human psyche will help them diversify the enterprise of oppression to new markets till now untouched.

This is the time you will find media all over the world showing blood soaked faces and crying babies begging for mercy from anyone at the receiving end of the media. Governments that hold special interests for themselves by interfering in others matter such You-Know-Who will eagerly step up to uphold democracy and freedom. The funny thing is such countries will wage a war without any direct request from the oppressed people and all that the people of the world get to see for convincing themselves about the validity of the war is a mass of people rejoicing the outcome of the war and some so-called politicians praising the timely aid they received for their liberation. All the voices that didn’t want a war are unheard. All the faces that stood against the external interference are shadowed.

Is it wrong to differ in opinion?
Freedom of speech is fundamental.

Is it wrong to voice my opinion strongly?
Of course no, this is a democracy.

Is it wrong to stay from harms’ way by not opposing bad guys doing bad things?
Definitely not, you have the right to safeguard yourself and those you love.

Is it wrong to start physical violence anticipating an imminent attack from your opponent?
Of course not, you have god-given right to use violence against the evil.

Is it wrong to trying to eliminate your opponent?
Definitely not, who knows when he will rise back and get back at you.

Is it wrong to plot and strike back at the one that attacked you first?
Of course not, you are responding in kind to safeguard your lives.

Is it wrong to claim that I am innocent in all this because I had nothing to do with either group?
Definitely yes, it is not your mistake for keeping away from others’ feud.

Who is truly wrong now? The one who differed; or the one who attacked in fear; or the one who retaliated; or the one who claims to be innocent but actually stood by watching the injustice grow instead of standing up to it at the beginning itself?

Everybody will claim themselves to be innocent and the other to be the culprit. And when you hear the story of the innocent from one side you will hate the other and vice-versa. I have seen so many people sympathizing with the stories of one group and hating the other with both thinking they are right and the other wrong. This has been the story of every conflict and post-conflict scenarios. What almost everybody fails to understand is that as long as you use the name the either party concerned to label the accused you definitely end up having more than one opposing your stance as they have heard the sad story of an innocent family from the side you are accusing. Then who is wrong here?

Often people forget that what is truly being opposed is violence and those who perpetrated it. And those who did so cannot be classified by any label other than criminal no matter which group he/she belonged to.

And even those who claim to be innocent are culprits because only if they had stood up when they witnessed the injustice growing none of this would have happened. It is something a lot of people around the world need to understand, else nobody will be innocent while standing at the other end of the trigger.….

Arvind Ilamaran