Noida: A new IT (Intensely Terrified) City

Last Friday, while I was in my office, suddenly Dettol’s smell ran through my nose and I looked around to check who could possibly apply such deo or  wear any such perfume… but to my surprise I found my friend applying Dettol on his bruised wrist. Now most of you might ask, what is the great new story in that?  If it is a bruised wrist, Dettol is the best option available to disinfect it. But the story was not that simple. My friend got those bruises while saving his mobile phone through couple of mobile snatchers who were trying to snatch his mobile while he was talking to someone on Noida roads. And most shockingly, this happened in broad daylight, let alone at night when even walking with nothing on you can cause danger. Yes, this is the same Noida city which is poised to become the next biggest IT hub in India, is now fighting from terror built inside the city only.

This is not the first incident which took place in Noida, every now and then we hear these cases, Some hit newspaper’s headlines, some could not even surface up even though that is meant to be broadcasted on news channels. The one example of such incident is that one of my colleagues was stabbed by 6 guys in Noida, Sector 62 when he did not give away his belongings to them. Amazing isn’t it? Either you give your belongings or get ready to see death very closely.

This is the condition of a city in Uttar Pradesh state. Yeah, Uttar Pradesh state where crime rate was meant to be the highest (till the time one of the articles in TOI suggested that it’s even the safest state in India, ooolala!!). Yeah, this is the only Uttar Pradesh State where our Honourable Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati (I don’t know whether I should use Honourable for current Indian politicians or not but I have to) claims to have a “Crime free UP”. Whenever I read this slogan, I always feel what crap it is?  In a state where the Chief Minister is a female, females themselves are not safe, let alone the safety of other people. Recently UP reported 13 rapes in a week’s time most of the victims were minors. In another incident from Noida only, a girl was dragged for kilometres until she let the thieves take away her hand bag.

Now, the question arises that what is causing all this? Is this the lack of internal security in cities like Noida, Gurgaon or Ghaziabad or is it the corruption spread in the state departments or is it something else? Of course lack of police personnel and corruption is always on the cards to blame, no doubt this is spread all over UP or even I won’t hesitate in saying that its spread all over India. In an incident from Noida, when few girls were travelling back to home from one of the late night office parties, they were treated badly by drunken police personnel. They slapped, abused and even molested those girls, and asking for help was futile. This gives rise to another heart throbbing question. Why are cities like Noida or Gurgaon targeted? Where we have a large number of IT companies and have educated people living there.

A deeper look into the issue and a little history might answer this question. The areas where currently these large storey buildings in NCR region have come up, were earlier meant for agriculture purpose only. These agricultural lands were acquired way back from farmers and had been paid hefty amount by the government and builders. This high amount for obvious reasons can make anyone go for the deal and sell his ‘source of income’. These windfall gains for farmers or other land owners made them millionaires in one night. Now the tendency of humans is that if you have money you would either spend it or invest it. For farmer’s spending was an easier task as investing the money needs basic education, condition of which in our country is known to all of us. So now what? Farmers bought new expensive cars and other lavish things that make life comfortable. All this money started depleting slowly and gradually to zero (as no other significant investment in future plans were made).

TRING TRING!! Does it ring some bells in your mind? The problem began with the depletion of money only.

Now, when a person who had already sold his ‘source of income’ and who is not educated, had never worked earlier as labour or under any person what will happen to him. He is not educated so no white caller jobs; has never worked under any person – ego issues, even if he is ready to work, he has got his own disagreeable conditions. Now, he has got the car but no money for fuel. He has got AC in his house but no money for electricity. So what will he do? Work!!!  Sorry we have already discussed it above that he has got ego issues. He couldn’t die of hunger (everyone is afraid of dying, at least I am). Begging is also out of the option because no one will pay him as he has got all his limbs perfectly placed. So then what? Here they started what today we all are suffering from. They started snatching mobile phones, handbags; pick pocketing, looting cars and burglary into houses. Here is where it started, the crime rate started rising exponentially. This is indeed what makes Noida – one of the finest cities in India, unsafe for living. It increases the corruption. Here comes the root cause of all the problems we are facing today… it’s all here..!!!

Now I wonder, with this new land acquisition taking place in Greater Noida area, what will be the condition after a few years when the same cycle will get repeated? It’s unthinkable for me. Well, can people like you and I control this? I guess the answer from all us will be No. No, it is not in our hands at all and any suggestions to the government will be futile. But still if anyone in the state body is reading this article. I would like to suggest that arrange the ‘source of income’ for the people from whom you are acquiring lands before acquiring it or you can hold some amount of money as an investment and pay them on timely basis to fulfil their timely needs. I hope this will bring some respite to the increasing crime rates in such cities.

Till next time… safe and happy living!

Mayank Jain

The author has been born and brought up in Delhi. He is a mechanical engineer & MBA in finance by education and an IT  Risk Consultant by profession. Philosophically, he describes himself as an orange – warm, energetic, happy, fun, cheerful and alive. He thinks of himself as caring, thoughtful, gentle as well as out-going. His hobbies and interests include cooking, playing guitar, creative writing and playing volleyball and cricket. He also likes to listen to slow music.