Nokia E63

Finding myself bereft of my music phone after a houseguest decided to simply walk away with it at the new year’s party, I decided to scout around for a few months before investing my hard-earned money. This time I was not looking for a camera or a music player; rather I needed something to be better organised and use while on the move. Much survey and looking around later, I found myself the happy and proud owner of an ultramarine blue Nokia E63. For those inclined to colour it also comes in a trendy ruby red.


Slightly bulky looking, the phone is light to hold and easy to navigate. The interface is user-friendly and the QWERTY keypad makes keying in longer text messages far easier. With work and home modes easily accessible from the main screen, this business phone allows one to easily separate work and personal life. Reading texts in pdf files was also a treat as the large screen lightens the strain on the eyes.


The audio player supports podcasts and thus frees one from carrying around the Ipod all the time. Setting up email is a quick and easy task once the Internet settings are in place.


Often known as the country cousin of E71, what E63 lacks in comparison is a set of pre-installed games and a GPS system. The former is not easily redressable but the latter is putting off for those looking to combine a phone and a navigation device. For the directionally challenged, perhaps opting for a more expensive phone equipped with GPS may be a smarter decision. However please do remember that it is this system that will burn a greater hole in your pocket.


Another curious thing is that the USB cable is currently not available with this phone – a strange omission on Nokia’s part. To make it even stranger, I was told by the shopkeeper that the PC Suite CD would also be available with the cable. Well maybe the cable could wait but backing up my contacts could most definitely not. So I borrowed a CD from a friend and backed up all important data. Perhaps this is a temporary matter.


With a reasonable camera of 2 mega pixel and average video quality, the phone may not be the best in the league but it does offer good value for money. A good buy for those looking for a business phone with all the essentials in place and yet not wanting to spend a packet on it!


Shruti Saxena

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