NOKIA N97- the smartphone

Science and technology have made such progress that it is now practically impossible to imagine human life without its inventions. From basic machines to luxurious gadgets, we have become totally dependent on technology. While most of the inventions are beneficial to the human race, some of them also contain potential harm.

One such invention, the mobile phone, has bought about a revolution in the lifestyle of people. While earlier phones were bulky, heavy to carry and just for the basic purpose of making calls, now  cell phones are equipped with all kind of features. Camera, radio, music player, GPRS, just about everything rolled into one small pocket-sized gadget. Yes, Cell phones serve the purpose of a camera, iPod, computer, everything.

The N-97

Out of the numerous mobile makes available in India, Nokia has been the most popular till date. Constantly dishing out new phones, Nokia has been the favourite among mobile junkies. One of the Nokia fully loaded mobiles is the Nokia N-97. Although all the N series phones are good, N-97 surpasses them all. I recently bought the phone, and haven’t been able to put it down since then.


Apart from the basic features present in all phones, calls, SMS, contacts, etc., it has an array of other features. The camera quality, in accordance with Nokia standards, is very good. There is a 5 mp (megapixel) camera, with video recording and flash, which makes taking pictures in the dark easier. There is a secondary front camera too.

Screen and keypad

The large LCD fully touch screen makes it comfortable to navigate through the various options available. It is motion sensitive i.e. the screen rotates according to the way the phone is held. In addition to this, the QWERTY keypad makes it a lot easier to type and chat.

Radio and GPRS

A unique feature offered by the phone is the Radio Transit Facility, which is available only in the N79 and the N97. It makes the phone a mini radio station in itself. It is a 3G (third generation) phone, which makes video chat possible. The cell phone is GPRS  and WI FI enabled, and there is a separate option for Facebook, which has become a necessity today.

Other features

The music player is of good quality. The sound clarity is very high, even through the headphones. To accommodate all these features, there is an internal memory of 8 GB and expandable memory up to 32 GB. The Battery life is also long, a trademark of Nokia phones.


All these features make the phone indispensable for me. I am so addicted to it that it is hard for me to live without it even for some time. The photos are good, and create  memories that will last forever. Chats have become easier and the music player ensures that boredom never creeps in. But for me, the most important is the Facebook feature, through which I can remain online 24×7.

The price of the phone is a bit on the higher side, but it is totally worth it.

My rating

I would definitely rate the phone high and recommend it to whoever is thinking of changing their phone. It is AWESOME!

Shuchita Sharma

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