Nokia X2: A Better Alternative?


If you watch television even for a little while, you must have seen the Nokia Lumia advertisement; the one in which a young man talks about how his Nokia Lumia phone has helped him adjust to a new city. The advertisement ends with him by saying, “but the best part, it fits my budget”. That is exactly the position the new Nokia X2 is aiming for.

Nokia X2 is the next-generation to Nokia X, and like its predecessor is based on the Android Open Source Project. It happens to be the first android based phone launched by Microsoft, which took control of Nokia’s smartphone division in April this year. Although the phone doesn’t give access to Google Play Store (the market place for android apps), users can download android apps from Nokia Store.

Nokia X2 has been priced at 99 euros and is rumored to cost somewhere around 10,000 rupees in India. Its affordable price tag is what makes the phone interesting. Even though Microsoft (Nokia) didn’t come up with any new features on this phone, they upgraded almost everything from Nokia X.

Specs & Features

Here is how Nokia X2 differs from Nokia X:

•     X2 sports a larger screen of 4.3 inch vs 4.0 inch screen on X

•     X2 also has a faster processor (1200 MHz Dual core) when compared to X (1000 MHz)

•     An increased RAM of 1.0 GB vs 512.0 MB on X

•     X2 would also have a better camera (5.0 MP) than X (3 MP)

•     A front-facing camera and flash for the rear-camera have been introduced on X2

•     X2 would have also a higher battery capacity (1800 mAH) in comparison (1500 mAH battery on X)

•     X2 would run Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)

Design and Looks

X2 looks a lot like X. The phone’s body is made of the same bright plastic design as that of Nokia X, but the former has a new translucent layer on the outside.

More importantly, X2 comes with two separate buttons for home and back screen to make multitasking easier. Nokia X lacked a home button and users had to click on the back button multiple times, depending upon where they were on the app, to reach the home screen. The newly added home button solves this.

The phone comes preloaded with Skype, HERE Maps, MixRadio, and OneDrive apps complete with 15GB cloud storage space. The phone also features the new One Note app (Microsoft’s note taking app_.

Two things we love about the Nokia X2

•     Accessibility to download android apps

•     Home button and shiny body

One thing we hate about Nokia X2

•     Small internal memory of 4GB only. However, there is a microSD slot, which can up the memory to 32 GB

Our verdict:

The price tag of 99 euros is a very good for a device with respectable though not stunning specs.

Abhinav Sharma

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