Nolan in (Dream)land:

There’s a scene in Inception where Dom Cobb is explaining the whole notion of dreams to Adriane and suddenly you connect with the film.
Christopher Nolan’s “dream” project has everything¬¬- from gravity defying fight sequences to the jaw dropping folding of a city, from ably skilled actors to crafty storytelling, you can say just one thing- Nolan has done it again- in my book he has surpassed Memento and The Prestige.
Synopsis: Dom Cobb is a dream invader who hacks into the minds and extracts the ideas and information. He has a shady past and yearns to get back to his kids and family and end all this “illegal” work. Saito (Ken Watanbe) gives Cobb a chance at redemption, in return he wants him to perform an Inception (plant an idea) on Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), his rival and inheritor of the business empire of his dad Maurice Fischer (Pete Postlehwaite).
So, Cobb assembles his team who are highly skilled at their work. There’s sweet petite Adriane (Ellen Page) the complex maze designer, her designs would be the backdrops and settings of the dreams, Eames (Tom Hardy), the forger, Yusuf (Dileep Rao) the highly effective sleep inducing drug maker and Arthur (Joseph Gordon- Levitt), second in command to Cobb.
But to perform an Inception one dream isn’t enough. Dreams, within dreams, within dreams are required and, frankly, it’s hard to keep up with whose dream is it at a particular stage.
To spice up the things and make the task that much more difficult to achieve, enter Mal (Marion Cotillard), Cobb’s wife and a part of his subconscious who plays a spoiler from time to time and comes to disrupt the proceedings.
And the stakes are raised when the team gets to know that dying, in a dream obviously, is not an option. That would throw them in a limbo of eternal dream world.
Last 30-45 minutes is pure action straight out of Bond textbooks. It’s an edge of a seat thriller right from the start till the very end.
Performances: The Movie’s USP is the story but it stands out due to the performance of each and everyone. Leonardo Di Caprio makes a jump from World War-II (Shutter Island) to possible future technology, but Teddy Daniels and Dom Cobb aren’t much different.
Ellen Page finally comes out of her “Juno” image and delivers a stellar performance as a young upcoming architect. A special word of mention for Joseph Gordon-Levitt who has matched Leonardo in style and suave. The Music by Hans Zimmer has that reverberating effect which makes you feel like you are a part of the whole exercise.
I saw a couple of people leaving the hall just after the interval, maybe they had enough of the torture, and to be honest the story does have that repulsive effect if you give up the chase too easily, or don’t force yourself into the movie. The saying- take your thinking cap while watching this one- would definitely be fit for Inception, you do need thinking cap(s) while watching Inception. But on the contrary, it has that pull which binds you to your seat and demands your complete attention. It’s like a complex riddle which engrosses you till you find the solution.
The last scene is just superb and catches the sentiments of the audience perfectly.
Skeptics may point at the loopholes in the plot and how the segue is questionable in many instances plus a mind bender too hard to follow. But all this wouldn’t change the fact that Inception is the blockbuster of the summer and may even go on to bag top awards next year.
Hats off to the genius of Christopher Nolan. Inception has a repetition value of its kind. You visit it for the second, or even third, time not because you didn’t understand it or just want to revel in it like 3 Idiots, but it has that gripping power and attracts you to get those little details and dialogues you missed the first time. For the sheer idea and grandeur pulled out by Nolan, it deserves a perfect five star rating.

Aatish Sharma

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