North Korea Might Have Been Behind The Cyber Attack on Sony, The Reason? A Hollywood Movie.


North Korea is a country where even the slightest hint of disapproval could mean you could end up at a nightmarish prison camp. You could even end up being killed. So it was hardly a surprise when reports claimed that North Korea was responsible for the cyber attack on Sony which resulted in five keenly expected movies being distributed on the internet for free.

The reason for all of this? A Hollywood movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. The movie sees James Franco playing the role of a television show host and the latter is the producer of the show. It’s a comedy where both the actors are ordered by the CIA to assassinate North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un.

Here is the trailer of the movie

Although there have been no confirmed reports that North Korea was indeed behind the attack, but co-director of the movie, Evan Goldberg was warned by officials before the release of the trailer: “They were like, you might want to change your bank passwords. We’re not joking”.

In fact, a website run by North Koreans, Uriminzokkiri had this to say, “The cheekiness to show this conspiracy movie, which is comprised of utter distortions of the truth and absurd imaginations, is an evil act of provocation against our highly dignified republic and an insult against our righteous people.”

By carrying out such an act, North Korea gave the world a glimpse into the potential damage that can be inflicted by launching a cyber war. Over the years, we have seen the radical dictator set outlandish laws within his country much to the amazement of the world. He even recently ordered the citizens named Kim Jong-un in the country to change their names. It looks like he wants the name all to himself.

North Korea is a country that is completely isolated from the real world. Various documentaries have given us a glimpse into the lives people lead in the country. They rarely let journalists visit the country. Tourists are strictly ordered to stay within the confinements of their hotel and are shown only the popular sites in the country. In fact, even the citizens are desperate to flee the country in hope of a better economic and social life.

The recently carried out cyber crime could be the first among many. Throughout the globe, terrorists have started using sophisticated technology to inflict damage on countries. Who would have thought that a single computer could have the potential to immobilize an entire city or even a country?  This could be the beginning of a new mode of war and the damage could be even greater than that inflicted by conformist armies.

Somesh Chandran

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