Not a Child’s Play

A little paper boat that I once set ashore,
What lay ahead, it was unprepared for.
Tiny storms it had to meet with, in that dirty puddle.
Till others got theirs, and joined the huddle.
Till dusk, I watched it stay afloat.
And went especially next day to check my sunken boat.

That little airplane I once made.
Would fly for longer I constantly prayed.
I was Mr. Dependable, without a doubt.
Pretending to be the pilot and navigating throughout.
Although, in a span of seconds, it met the ground.
But unmatched happiness I had found.

With my favourite doll I once played.
Tied up her hair, in many a braid.
Sooner or later I became a part of some silly brawl,
Because she had looked, the prettiest of them all.
Sipping imaginary tea felt warm and hearty,
Inviting the entire block to my small tea party.

That little kite I once flew,
In the cool breeze, that morning blew.
Higher and higher I saw it rise,
Till that giant tree swallowed it before my eyes.
And I went back with a sullen face.
Only to meet my mother’s embrace.

Timeless are these little memories.
To peek-a-boo and swing from the trees.
And to pretend to be the teacher you adore.
I want to go back and play some more.

Twisha Sharma

*This piece has been selected as a Winning Entry for the ‘Viewspaper Express Yourself Writing Competition’*