Not Just a Sport!

Cricket isn’t just a sport for our nation, it isn’t just a game between a bat and a ball and the 3 wickets on each side of the 22 yard strip. It’s more, it’s much more. For some it’s a religion, for some it’s a stress buster, for some it’s a source of revenue, for me it’s life. According to a recent study, for a soccer fan to see his team score in the last minute and win a cliff hanger is equivalent to the feeling of an orgasm. How do I feel when a certain Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar scores a double hundred in a One Day International, when a Yuvraj Singh hammers an English International for six sixes in the same over, when a Gautam Gambhir runs into a Shahid Afridi and almost makes him fall flat on the ground.

The list can go on and on, but the way you feel while standing amongst those 30,000 fans in the stadium and any of our top four executes a perfect cover drive can not be described in words. In another 10 days, the Cup will kick off with India taking on minnows Bangladesh in
Dhaka, and yet again over a billion people will have their hopes rested on their 11 gods. But this time it’s ours to lose, the World Cup is ours to lose. Going in as the number one test team and the number 2 ODI team in the world, and having had possibly the best 2 years of international cricket overseas behind us, the team could not have been in a better frame of mind, or higher on confidence. Plus it’s in our own backyard, the stands will be full till the brim cheering “India-India”. Having captain cool, MSD and a great coach in the form of Gary Kirsten, and the only thing eluding the great Sachin Tendulkar being, lifting the Cup, the stage couldn’t have been better.

A very formidable team, brilliant recent form, millions of supporters behind them, there is nothing wish is missing from their armour. Just imagine what the Wankhede would be like if MSD lifts the cup. The scenes will be beyond belief. Will I be there, yes I will. I can’t miss what could be the greatest thing to have happened to Indian sport in more than 2 decades. I’ll watch each and every match, will watch them live in the stadium, will be there to support the blue brigade come what may. As each day goes by, the D day comes closer, the excitement builds up, and the blood starts pumping more and more blood. This is just one Indian supporter speaking, imagine the billion others, the 15 man squad, the starting 11, the captain, the great Sachin Tendulkar.

I can not wait, and I am sure neither can the rest.

Tejas Varma

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