Not Just Metro…

The “metro man”, E. Shreedharan would have never thought that the 189.7 Km rail inaugurated on 24 December 2004 comprising of 142 stations could be more than 4 compartment rail carrying 1.8 million people every day. It has given a new dimension to the ilakaas (locality) of Delhi. A typical Delhiite may not know the name of the locus he is sojourning, but he will be surely bearing the name of the nearest metro station in his mind.

“Train with destination to Dwarka Sector 21 is going to enter platform number 1, please stand behind the yellow line. Thank you for your attention.” Announcements like these in metro station are on the tip of tongue of the daily metro travelers. A clear female voice in English helps to collect oneself after a long hectic day. Its strict laws and discipline has enhanced the multifaceted development of this cosmopolitan city.

Inside view of a metro resembles like a long metal centipede. Well one would prefer metro for its welcoming relief from the scorching heat. Entering and exiting from metro is a battle in itself. The side having larger crowd wins. The one entering the metro try to grab a shiny silvery seat like a barbaric beast and the one exiting give them a sigh of skepticism.

The traffic on the road, glances of shopping mall, fowls flying in the sky forms the landscape of the lifeline. A group of college going youngster gossiping around, or ogling around a hot chic entering the rail, an old lady asking for a seat, some hooked up to music players while some are busy chatting on their cell phones. These elements have reconstructed the old image of the Delhiites. Thanks to Delhi metro.

The escalators form a funny image of the users. The frequent users will be much comfortable in using them, while some new players might try to jump over them, like in a game of steps. While the other category would prefer using stairs, for a simple mantra of health.

The one who are most benefited from the metro are the couples. Delhi metro not only abbreviated the distance between the corridors of Delhi, but it seems to be bringing the lovers close too. The air conditioned compartments have become hot spot for dating, challenging even the famous Lodhi Garden. Just take a stroll through these metro stations and you will see men and women, walking hand in hand, blushing at each other and giving a public display of their love. And when they get tired of this eye gazing, they prefer to go to Cafe Coffee Day at Rajiv Chowk metro station.

These stations provide a perfect hideout for these love birds. A ride in a packed metro coach offers them a perfect
chance to break the ice. The government spoiled the curry when they reserved the first compartment in the direction of traveling for ladies. Yes this really spoiled the male melancholy, including mine.

The picture of the metro changed as the ladies compartment was almost empty and the general compartment over crowded, and the cluster comprised of ladies as well. Well the reservation as the need of hours considering the immoral behavior of men towards them. More than anything else, the Delhi Metro has become the symbol of India’s progress today to the whole world. No matter overcrowded or congested, I personally enjoy every personal ride.

Vaishnav Thakur