Nothing to say

When I felt like writing an article on The Viewspaper, all these days I thought of movies, books and lots of trivial things. When in fact I should have first written about an event that shook me. It is the murder of Aarushi Talwar. When I think of the case I’m just left baffled by the amount of injustice a person can face. First things first, she was murdered, the word seems so brutal yet I choose it over killed. Then the media with all its hypothesis and the police in their blame game killed whatever self respect she may have left. Finally the worst thing that could happen is that her parents were blamed for the murder.

This is a case that shook the whole nation. It moved people from all aspects of life to protest and seek justice. Everyday there would be news on television, on newspapers and new twists to the case and new suspects. All this leading to no conclusion. Character assassination of the poor girl was the worst of all these.

Whom do we blame? The police, media or the parents? Should we blame someone at all? What can we do to see that justice is done?

Why are there more and more such sensational cases and very few solved ones? I cannot offer a suggestion on what should be done in such cases because all the possible ones seem to have been exhausted. Why does the media try to juice in these opportunities to increase their ratings?

The sad state is of the programs on news channels and the attempt to hold the viewers’ interest! We witness this epidemic of news channels!! All I can say is news is news not an investigation and not what you think it is. It is a fact and it is to be reported and not made presentable. All we can do is use our judgement and hope the law is alive.

Monisha Deepika