Nuclear Deal – Utter Nonsense

USA with a population of 300 million contributes to 25% of the green house gas emissions of the world, as against India with a population of more than a 1000 million contributing less than 20%. This is the reason why India has been exempted from any global warming control measures in the environmental summit that happened in South Africa.

Does that mean we can be irresponsible? Does this allow us to cause any damage to the environment in the excuse of a developing country? Isn’t that our children who will be deprived of their beautiful globe?

Already most of the electric power generation in India is from the polluting thermal power. Now we are going to add Nuclear Power to the arsenal of the pollution devil. The nuclear deal might be more diplomatic than just for power. Regardless of the true reason behind the nuclear deal, nuclear power is harmful to the environment.

It’s a common misconception that nuclear energy is clean. Even our geography and science books are misguiding, saying that nuclear power is a clean power. This ill-formed fact has now put the future of our environment at stake.

The panic created by the carbon footprint and the green house gas emissions, have madly driven people into nuclear power. Nuclear Energy is called ‘Carbon free power’ and ‘clean power’. All this is fallacy.

A research group from oxford has estimated, that if the nuclear capacity of the world remains as it is now till 2050, they would contribute to the same amount of CO2 per Kwh as the thermal power plants.

The front end of the nuclear power generation, i.e. the mining of Uranium the nuclear fuel contributes to 38% of the emissions. The backing up of nuclear power generators with regular thermal power generators when the nuclear generators go for service is responsible for 35% of emissions. The back end of processing, storing and disposal of the spent fuel contributes to 15% of the emissions. Finally the construction of the nuclear plant accounts for 12% of the emissions.

Thus the average carbon dioxide emission of nuclear power generation per kilowatt of power is 66gms, which is much higher than the emissions of renewable power generators.

Offshore wind energy emits less than 1/7th of CO2 per Kwh than nuclear plants. Onshore wind, hydro power plants and biogas emit less than 1/6th of the CO2 per Kwh than nuclear plants. When there are such lucrative options for fighting climate change, why go for nuclear power?

Is that at least economical? See what the experts have estimated:
Coal based thermal power cost 45 million INR per MW.
Combined cycle gas turbines running on gas or Naptha costs 300 million INR per MW.
Indigenously developed nuclear reactor costs 800 million INR and imported ones cost 1000 million INR.

So what is it after all? Not economical, not environmental. Why go for nuclear power?

In fact the world has stopped building anymore nuclear power plants. They have too many problems with waste disposal and there are lots of other irritations due to nuclear power. There are even movies on nuclear waste disposal like Transporter 3.

Pray that at least our esteemed Prime Minister who is good at all other reforms, which has proved the love of his people with a re-election, wakes up now. There are other ways to develop diplomatic relations with the US, and even if we don’t find any, they are not worthy of a reliable relation. So, please stop the deal.

Shanketh R

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