O mother

O mother, your children are equal

Do not, O mother,

Do not orphan them!

Our past,

Interlinked, all of us!

And the future,

The bright-separated,

Separated from the dim,

The divide too deep,

Too wide!

O mother, do not…

Do not turn a blind eye

We are all in it together,

So why the line?

The red line?

Can’t you see mother?

Or has thick mist blinded you?

Beyond this river,

The blood tinged sky,

So, seeing a sun set!

The laughter is audible,

But pin your ears mother..

Can’t you hear the wail?

Can’t you see..?

See that child in rags?

It is one of yours too,

One left behind!

O mother, I plead you!

Take them along…

Take them along…

Purav Goswami