Obama’s 100 Days

The history has seen Franklin D Roosevelt make the first 100 days of his president ship as a benchmark for all the others to compete with. He did so by summoning the Congress to a special session on March 9(5 days after his inaugural ceremony).The session lasted for a hundred days and by the end of the session a total of 15 major bills had been passed that gave strong footing to the country’s shattered banking system and hence the ‘great 100 days’ .


Today, after a long span of 76 years; we saw, perhaps the only American President being that closely scrutinized till his ‘hallmark holiday’(100 days) .Nevertheless, Obama who stood in the elections as an icon for change did great on a general grading scale according to statistics. He grabbed grades ranging from a C+ to an A with the majority agreeing on a B+ (leaving some room for improvement).He took over the White House at a time when the welcome theme in his office rung of global terror and an economic crisis worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. But Barack was not a man to be pulled back by this and he made it clear to the whole world as well by a series of changes for which he stood. It was only three days to the office when he repealed the Global Gag Rule, an order that kept international organizations from receiving US foreign aid to support abortions in any manner. Also, within days the order to close the Guantanamo Bay and to ban any type of torture by the US Intelligence personnel came forth. He set up a plan to withdraw all the combat forces from Iraq by August, 09.March saw the reversal of Bush’s limits on funding the stem cell research thereby proving his commitment in the field of scientific progress. His bailing out of the major financial institutes but the refusal to consider General Motors in the same league won him many a pat. Diplomatically, the president has carried himself with utmost modesty and integrity. Then, be it the G-20 summit or the change in policies towards Cuba or the calling back of the forces from the middle east, all show him paving his way to the good books of one and all.


On the other hand, critics claim that although Obama has started off in a promising manner, he has a long way to go before a final decision (about his success) might be called for. Accordingly, the President has kept 27 promises, broken 6,compromised 7 and hasn’t shown any action on the remaining 408 of the promises he had made during the election campaigns-which does not really present a good enough number. And again, all the students around whom the election campaign trail of the President had revolved are yet to receive their complete benefits (although the University of Wisconsin has still got some monetary advantages). The antiwar rhetoric has largely been forgotten with the American soldiers being made to move from Iraq to Afghanistan.


But then, Rome wasn’t built in three days and so won’t the change come in that much time! We have seen a great start and appreciate it but only as long as the momentum does not fail to reflect the change and progress. Barack Obama has showed his strength in his messages rather than his messengers (the cabinet-on whom the questions were raised initially) and that is one strong reason to have faith in him.

Harshit Narang

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdebner/2980463626/]