Obama’s Tryst with The White House

The milestone of 100 is a watershed moment for individuals and organizations especially when they have embarked on an assortment of endeavors capable of altering the living of legions across both sides of Atlantic. The Highest office bearer of USA has a fate bearing palpable resemblance to the above mentioned description. Barrack Obama, the first Afro – American President finished the first 100 days of his presidency which was marked by a chequered past and enshrouded in controversies with slew of imminent threats looming large.


He has undertaken the post at an epoch making time when the world is being battered by twin ravages of global economic meltdown and global warming. What make his position so precarious are the claims of the world leaders and other nations that USA is solely responsible for leading the world in this financial morass and with crisis deepening these voices are only increasing in decibel and showing no signs of flagging.


A brief recap of his 100 day journey needs an appropriate epilogue detailing the amount of sweat and tension which has formed the backdrop of his election and is now ubiquitous in his presidency. His tussle to win the democratic nomination and subsequent acrimonious electoral campaign with John Mc Cain has entered into the chapters of history.


His popularity ratings have scored better then the previous occupants of white house enabling him to go ahead with proposals which are colossal in their dimension and impact. His oratory coupled with a pleasant demeanor makes him a charmer which few can ignore. Add to it the figure of a father, a husband and a dog and the picture is immaculate with trimmings to boost.


It was entirely to his credit that the 800 billion stimulus package was passed in the US senate although it took prodigious amount of persuasion and demagoguery on his part to get things through the course. His efforts to resuscitate the ailing Detroit and its car makers reaped results and as its consequence – The US government owns 20% of General Motors and has overseen the bankruptcy of Chrysler which will aid the company to restructure itself on new terms.


On domestic fronts he has made good on his campaign promises with promises of extending health insurance cover to all and on drilling the oil.


What deserves éclat is his deft maneuvering of the international issues like strained relationship with Israel and Cuba and his iron clad stand on issues of terrorism with states like Pakistan who were viewed by many as the natural allies of America. His decision to withdraw troops from Iraq by august 2010 is momentous for war in Iraq has drawn fire for US government both domestically and internationally. In fact it was these very wars that become the undoing of the previous Bush administration leaving majority of Republicans scrambling for cover. Concomitantly his step to furnish more military supplies to Afghanistan which he terms as an unfinished work had international community applauding him for his sagacity and astuteness.


It is needless to add that all these enterprises which are purportedly of his making are not full proof. He is a mortal which makes him fallacious and prone to committing errors. He has honored most of his poll promises but has failed to execute some of them with his characteristic finesse. It is a paradoxical situation since it is increasingly becoming difficult to map out the course of events coercing governments across the globe to bite the bullet and prepare for unexpected eventualities. The last thing a government expects is the back firing of their well known policies postulate of which is promulgated feverishly. President Obama has the disadvantage of being the prime mover in the new unchartered waters of stimulus packages and untested economic policies. The next 100 days will cast the verdict on the steps taken to revive the sagging economy, ultimately setting the tone of his presidency.


Geetu Batra

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3325165158/]