Obama Winning a Nobel, A True Parody

According to Douglas Harper online dictionary the word “peace” was first used in 1140 AD means “cessation of hostilities”. Till October 9, peace holds forth and signifies something of same virtue and substantial enough to do justice to its archaic meaning. But then, the honourable Norwegian counsel of Nobel declared Barack Obama – The president of United States, winner of Nobel Peace Prize. And, now it signifies “continual state of war”.

It is bewildering to conduce on what grounds Mr. Obama was even nominated; winning holds not even a thought if you give rationale a consideration. His troops are still creating genocide in Pakistan and Afghanistan. His troops are still stimulating carnage in Iraq, though, they have stepped outside the cities but, are very much present at the outskirts waiting to invade Iraq once again if necessary and his this strategy is leading to regular bomb blasts and countless deaths.

There is no single place where his “extraordinary efforts of wishful thinking”, as Nobel committee quoted it, has guided the world towards any positive direction or even resulted a hope in that direction. Moreover, his efforts are just in words or superfluous which are just parts of speech which every nation’s President gives but, it is his rhetoric and the country he belongs to, makes them special. And I conceive we can’t appreciate someone just for his presumptuous efforts when the person holds such notable repertoire and power. Take the case of Israeli – Palestinians conflict, Mr. Obama’s initial endeavors to assuage the pain of outcast Gaza strip have been futile as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyuah turns a deaf ear to all his pleas to freeze settlement activity at the strip and stop bombarding on Hamas. Despite of the fact that the issue was very much high on his electoral propaganda, nothing has changed so far. Indeed, in mid May, Israeli’s rather used bombs whose phosphorous contents leads to ecological damage and killed thousands and left the rest deserted and abandoned.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia are no different. Mr. Obama has in fact accepted the failure of U.S attempts to weave in a viable nation free of violence. Rather, the U.S forces have victimized more people in the guise of subjugating Talibanisation with the prevalence of their sophisticated Air raids and Drone attacks leaving millions homeless and making their life even dismal. Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi in Afghanistan condemned the Nobel committee’s decision, saying Obama had only escalated the war and had “the blood of the Afghan people on his hands.”