Obsession With Celebrities: Where Do You Draw The Line?


“Shahid Kapoor wedding: Mira Rajput blushes at her Kaleera ceremony- view pic!”(Bollywood life.com)

“The Inside Scoop: Here’s a First Look at the Menu of Shahid’s Wedding Celebrations”. (NDTV FOOD)

“Amitabh Bachchan to Kangana Ranaut: Stars attend Shahid-Mira Kapoor’s wedding reception”. (IBN Live)

“ShahidMiraReception: Shahid’s exes who did not attend”. (The Times of India)

As soon as we hit the internet, we are showered with the teensy weensy details about Shahid Kapoor’s wedding (as the headlines of the various news portals mentioned above shows). Marriage is in itself a turning point in one’s life as this grand affair puts a lot of pressure on the bride and the groom. With the celebrities, however, it’s million times worse. They have no privacy what-so-ever and they are always under the limelight, yes, but come weddings and they are the talk of Tinsel Town. One may argue that these issues are the part and parcel of the star career. But, seriously? Can we not spare the newly-wed couple and give them some breathing space?

It’s true that we have started treating celebrities as modern Gods. We idolize them and mirror their actions. Obsession with the celebrities has gone over the board. We regularly find celebrities at our home, sharing a part of our lives with them. We often have dinner with them, talk to them and sometimes we go ahead and cuddle up with them while we doze off to sleep. They have so much influence over our mind that unknowingly we establish a connection with them. The connection becomes so powerful that we become hungry for even the tiniest details of their life.

The obsession becomes so strong that we start building unrealistic expectations. We always admire their glamorous persona over screen and their lavish lifestyle. We live in the illusion that they lead a perfect life. Wearing those designer clothes, walking into fancy restaurants, driving luxurious cars, the red carpet walk, who wouldn’t fancy having a life like them? In following everything they do, we often strip them off their right to privacy.

Put your feet in their shoes and you’ll understand exactly what they go through. Being the way we are, we detest when someone comments on the way we dress up or how we look. But aren’t we behaving the same? More importantly, do we really care who wore what, who attended the reception and who didn’t, yada yada yada?


Aishwarya Anand

Image Source: The Viewspaper