Occupy Wall Street: A Muddled Message

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) continues to grow and so does the gap between the left and the right. The occupiers are yelling and camping and doing all kinds of weird things, only making right wingers uncomfortable. The problem isn’t with the message but the solutions OWS proposes. Here’s the message: ‘inequality exists in America’. Here’s the solution they seem to propose: ‘capitalism doesn’t work, we want socialism.’

Inequality Grows in America

The message about inequality is ultimately true. But OWS say that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, which is not necessarily true. So it’s too easy to debunk these statements and declare the occupiers wrong, yet even if everyone is getting richer, it is still true that inequality is growing in America. You must take a look at how the gap between the middle class and the rich is widening. But the right won’t listen if these ‘crazy leftist’ occupiers keep sabotaging their own message with faulty statements.

Is it Really Class Warfare?

Calling it class warfare makes it class warfare, but is it really class warfare? The problem is that OWS focuses on the relative gap between rich and poor and NOT that the rich are controlling Washington and for their benefit. Isn’t the real problem the symbiotic relationship between Wall Street and Washington and the bastardization of capitalism? The poor man only has votes while the rich man has votes AND cash to sway the government officials.

In Joe Keefe’s critique of campaign finance he states that, “Thus far in the 2011-2012 cycle, the financial sector leads in campaign contributions once again, far outstripping even the enormous sums spent by health care companies, lawyers and lobbyists, energy companies and agri-business.” America needs to fix the problem by attacking it at its core and taking away the power that the financial sector has over government instead of just attacking the rich for being rich. If OWS could focus on this, maybe they wouldn’t scare away the right.

America Needs Capitalism

As it turns out America has a problem: the lower class is losing mobility while the upper class is gaining control; thus, a class society is emerging. Occupy Wall Street has the right idea. The problem, advocating for socialism instead of true capitalism. The occupiers need to keep shouting, but they need to shout about the real problems and real solutions.

Richard Carpenter