Odd-Even Rule Comes In Action: How Far Will It Go?


On January 1, 2016, with the commencement of a whole new year, it was also the beginning of the much-hyped odd-even policy. The government is buckled-up to strictly implement this command till January 15, in order to test the effect of this policy.

The New Year’s excitement multiplied after the communiqué of this rule. Some came in its support saying that it will contribute in pollution abatement and some opposed the formulation saying that this idea will come up as flimsy and unsuccessful. Well, whatever the public has been thinking, the actual upshots of this policy will become transparent in the days to come.

So, all the Delhites have fastened their seat belts as the much debated ODD-EVEN rule went on the road, yesterday.


This rule was announced by the AAP-led Delhi government in December when Delhi was detected as the most polluted city in the world. This policy states that the cars with odd number plates will run on the odd dates like 1,3,5…., and vice versa. It was designated to control the traffic and pollution issues in the city.

Yesterday was the day for the odd-numbered cars and the government is all set with spadework to administer this guideline efficiently. Arvind Kejriwal has taken the needful steps to keep an eye all over Delhi so that no-one flouts this regulation during the 15-day trial period. Pollution meters have been put up at several places across the city while Aam Aadmi Party leaders were seen carpooling and travelling to work on bikes. Several civil defence volunteers will be holding placards and giving roses to violators of the odd-even rule.



The government has issued two helplines – 011-42400400 and 011-41400400 – for people to register complaints.

Around 3,000 more buses have been added to the existing DTC fleet of around 6,000, Delhi Metro service frequency has been cranked up and a fleet of around 80,000 cabs – swanky Ubers and ubiquitous Kaali Peelis – will jostle for space with another 80,000 autos. Violators will face a fine of Rs 2,000.

However, soon after its implementation, many people have already flouted the rule and even-numbered cars have been seen on the roads. This scheme has also faced slams from the central government. The New Year kicked-off with the Delhi government accusing the Centre and its representative, lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung, of orchestrating the “mass leave” by the city’s officials to derail the road-space rationing scheme. Around 200 officials stayed away from work to protest the suspension of two colleagues penalised by the Kejriwal government for alleged insubordination. The Centre revoked the suspensions in the morning, triggering a war of words. Despite so many flaks from different sides, the Arvind Kejriwal government has left no stone unturned to maintain this rule with utmost dedication. Looking at the bright side, there are people who have shown faith and support to this policy.

On one side, people are acknowledging this step and think that this dictum has come as a new wave on this New Year which will have positive ramifications. On the other hand, there are people who are already breaking the rule and think that many more will not abide by this rule. If a large number of people do not follow the guideline, then how will the Government be able to experiment this regulation properly?

Some are in favour of this policy and some are not. However, even if the whole plan has got some drawbacks, we should go by this new rule for at least the mere trial period and corporate with the government. If some limitations are revealed after proper implementation of this rule, then it will be legit enough to argue against this policy. And, ­­if no such limitations come into light, then the Kejriwal government will automatically get a reason to rejoice in ecstasy.

After 15th of January, the final corollary of the Odd-Even policy will release and till then, let’s hope that may this act comes out with the ultimate verdict, which will be fair and right for all.

Akanksha Sharma

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